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Why Your Dental Practice Needs a User-Friendly Website

Why Your Dental Practice Needs a User-Friendly Website
Why Your Dental Practice Needs a User-Friendly Website

Dentists and orthodontists spend thousands of dollars every month to generate more new patients. However, this will all go to waste if your dental website is not set up to convert these patients. The first thing you need to do to attract new patients is to make it easier for them to reach you online. The quality of your dental website is as important as the quality of your practice since your prospective patients will first interact with your practice through your website.

In this article, we explain why your website needs to be user-friendly and how crucial it is for your dental practice marketing strategy.

Faster Loading Speed

What is a user-friendly website? First and foremost, it’s a website that loads quickly. You may not realize how important speed is to the overall success of your website.

It is extremely important to have a website that loads fast so that readers can quickly and easily find what they need on your site The fast-loading website will rank well on search engine results and keep users happy. If f your dental website doesn’t load fast it will drive away your potential patients.

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Easy to Use Across Devices

You need to check the last time your website was updated because if it hasn’t been updated for a few years it’s probably not mobile-ready. While this was not a big deal in the past, nowadays it means that you’re missing out on online traffic.

At least 65% of web searches are done on mobile devices. Mobile websites require a different setup and navigation in order to be visible correctly on mobile devices. Upgrade your dental website to keep up with your potential patients across all devices.

Easy to Navigate


When prospective patients visit your website, they’re typically looking for certain information, such as your scheduling, your credentials, and services. A user-friendly mobile website makes it easier for them to find what they need to know in a matter of seconds.

The first step to creating a user-friendly website is to create an easy-to-use menu that leads your prospective patients to each important page on your site. If your potential patients find it hard to navigate the website they will hit back and go to a competitor’s website.

Has Great Internal Links and CTAs

Any dental website serves a few purposes for the practice, like providing information about the procedures, info about the doctors and staff, and ways for potential patients to contact the practice, not to mention generating leads. There are 2 tools to help you achieve these purposes, these tools are internal linking and call to action (CTA).

How can you use these tools? You can use internal links in your blog posts to lead visitors to relevant pages, like services or treatments. At the same time, you can use the CTAs to compel readers to take action on your website like scheduling an appointment in a few easy steps.

Remember that your website is the most important asset of your dental marketing strategy so make sure it’s user-friendly to convert more visitors to patients.

Builds Trust

Would you visit a dentist if you didn’t trust them? Probably not. The same goes for your prospective patients. They need to trust you in order to book an appointment and your dental website is the most important factor in building trust with potential patients. Your website as part of your dental marketing strategy makes the first impression, resulting in patients deciding whether or not to visit your practice.

An updated website that is instantly responsive builds trust with your potential patients because it shows them that you’re professional and offer top-notch care. A user-friendly website also has social proof which is evidence that your previous patients are very happy with your services and recommend you.

Adding online reviews and video testimonials to your website is a prominent area on your homepage that will result in building trust with your online visitor.

Get More New Patients With a User-Friendly Website for Dentists

How can you build a modern website that is user-friendly and intuitive that will convert more new patients? The good news is we can help.

Zivvy is proud to help dentists and orthodontists in their mission to provide more care for the community. Contact us to find out more about how our web design and marketing services can help.

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