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Why Moving Companies Should Continue Marketing During COVID-19 in 2021

Why Moving Companies Should Continue Marketing During COVID-19 in 2021
Why Moving Companies Should Continue Marketing During COVID-19 in 2021

There’s no doubt that the novel coronavirus has disrupted virtually every aspect of our daily lives. And yet, many major activities continue to go on. Although big gatherings may still be too dangerous, Americans are still giving birth, graduating from college, getting married, and moving to new homes.

In 2018, roughly 32 million people in the U.S. moved to new homes. While moving may look a little bit different than it once did, the reality is that families are still hiring trusted local movers for help during the pandemic. Life still goes on — and many people need professional help to start their new chapter. As a result, you’ll want to continue with your moving company SEO and marketing strategy during COVID-19. But in case you need a few more good reasons, you might want to refer to the following reasons to keep up with marketing and SEO for moving companies.


Although most moving companies have continued with their operations, it’s clear that there have been some changes made to the way you do business. Rather than force potential customers to call or email with their questions relating to COVID-19 changes, you can provide them with helpful information upfront on your website, through your Google My Business listing, and via other marketing materials. By taking full advantage of SEO marketing for moving companies, you can actually increase your web traffic and conversion rates by providing this information from the start. Don’t forget that COVID-19 is a powerful web search term! By updating your SEO strategy and website to reflect coronavirus info, you can ensure your customers are informed while potentially helping your site ranking.



Customer loyalty is rare in the digital age. But in the wake of the pandemic, consumers are actively seeking out brands they can trust. By using SEO for moving companies the right way, you can actually boost your brand awareness and show consumers how much you care about their health and safety (as well as that of your employees). Prioritizing blog posts, site updates, and social media interactions with a focus on COVID-19 can set you apart for all the right reasons. Be sure to lead with empathy, provide valuable content, and amp up your customer service during this time. If you do, your wins will probably extend beyond the pandemic.



During times of crisis, marketing budgets are often among the first to get slashed. Since many businesses were in survival mode, SEO for movers and marketing for other industries initially slowed down back in March and April of 2020. While cost-cutting measures serve an important purpose, it’s important to note that it’s often better to lean into marketing during an economic downturn. If you can afford to continue with your mover’s SEO strategy, you absolutely should.


SEO for movers already provides a great ROI and is meant to show results in the long term. Those who can stick with it can often rise above the competition, as others within their same industry may have been forced to halt their own marketing. By continuing with strategies involving SEO for moving companies, it’s possible to increase brand visibility and actually thrive during difficult times.

When Others Stop Advertising, Opportunities Rise up

Other moving companies may stop advertising all together thinking that they can save a lot since moving jobs might be more difficult to book. However where others see a loss, we see growth. Your moving company can easily increase its market share by offering users better promotional deals.

When Others Stop Advertising, Opportunities Rise up

Actually, many of our clients have increased their online marketing budget, especially investing in SEO because they saw an open landscape where they can increase their market share and they sure did. Your moving company can gain a lot of ground by improving your search engine rankings without having to spend more on other advertising avenues.


We continue to review past cases and current conditions to help you combat the volatile markets. As you take the preventive measures as individuals, we hope to provide you with the tools and information to make informed decisions rather than radical ones.

Like many of the businesses we discussed in our post, those who can continue to connect with their audience should do so. These are tough times, but as we have learned, they do not last forever.

We continue to market conditions and consumer behavior to help our clients gain more from the pandemic unlike the rest of the companies that stopped advertising altogether. It’s imperative that you continue to connect with your audience to stay on top of their minds for both present and future jobs.

At Zivvy, we specialize in helping moving companies rank higher on search engines through effective SEO techniques. Our SEO for companies continue to deliver great results for our clients not just because they get first page rankings but also by increasing their website traffic and overall revenue which is the main goal behind any successful marketing campaigns for moving companies.

Now that it’s clear why you need to continue marketing your moving company during the pandemic, it might be time to seek out professional help with your online presence and promotion. For more information on how we can make a difference for your moving business, please contact Zivvy today.

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