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Top 7 Reasons Why Building a Website Yourself Does Not Work

Top 7 Reasons Why Building a Website Yourself Does Not Work

In this day and age, having a web presence is no longer a luxury. In fact, if your business is not online, you will be missing out on a huge amount of potential traffic and leads that your business needs. I mean…who wants to pass on potential business opportunities?

A starting point for any web presence is having a website for your company. Whether you need website design in Fresno, San Francisco, or any other town, having a great website has become an essential part of any marketing strategy. In fact how can you have any online marketing if you don’t even have a website? How are your potential clients going to find your and trust your brand?

Depending on the size of your business, you may require a complicated large website or maybe just a simple 5 page website if you’re a small business. However, the problem for many small and startup businesses is that they think they can build their own websites using cheap templates or use a website builder with a drag and drop option.

The truth is although you get a website quickly, this does more damage than good especially if you have long term goals for your website. In this article we’re going to explain why building a website on your own just doesn’t work.

1. You’re Not an Experienced Web Designer

Any business owner has big ideas and wants to build the best possible website for their business. Maybe you’ve seen great websites completed by some web designers in Fresno but the truth is, these websites that excel in look and function had a lot of hard work and thought behind it.

 You’re Not an Experienced Web Designer

Some of the aspects that a web designer in Fresno would think about is user interaction and how to optimize the user experience of that website.

This is the type of experience that an average Joe wouldn’t have unless they have studied and built websites for years. And since technology is always changing, what was relevant for a website two years ago may not be best practice today. That is why it works so much better if a professional Fresno website designer builds your website.

2. You Don’t Have the Technical Skills Needed

The average person can use simple programs like the ones we use on a daily basis. However, using website builders or buying templates and trying to drag and drop each section requires training to get great results.

In fact some of the basic steps on these programs can be difficult and frustrating for people sometimes. In addition, you can end up with many errors on your website because you don’t have the technical skills needed to master these programs.

You Don’t Have the Technical Skills Needed

And even if you can get your website to look good, there’s no guarantee that these drag-and-drop websites will be optimized for SEO. So if it’s not optimized, you may need to completely redesign your website to get your website to rank high on Google.

3. Free Templates Look Cheap and Leave Your Customers With a Bad Impression

This is actually simple common sense. You get what you pay for. When using these easy website creation programs, you might end up with an outdated looking website which can actually hurt your business. Sometimes these websites are not even mobile compatible.

Free Templates Look Cheap and Leave Your Customers With a Bad Impression

You don’t want to spend hours setting up your website only to end up with a website that leaves your customers with a bad impression and would hurt your business’s credibility and website traffic.

What your business needs is a professional looking and well functioning website that will actually boost your brand, impress your customers, and convert traffic to leads.

4. You Don’t Have the Time or the Energy to Update Your Website Regularly

This actually hits a little close to home. You’re a business owner and you’re busy trying to run a successful and hopefully profitable business handling staff, payroll, clients,etc. You will not have the time nor the energy to actually try to login to your website and update it. Even if the task is simple, it’s still more work on your plate that you just don’t want to waste your time on.

You Don’t Have the Time or the Energy to Update Your Website Regularly

Even when these programs are pretty easy to deal with it, it still requires a lot of effort from you to change content or fonts or even create new pages. After a while, it becomes a daunting task and you will end up asking your assistant to do it for you and the result will pretty much be the same, ending up with a lot of errors because your assistant is not a professional.

When you hire a website design company in Fresno, you will spare yourself the time and effort and also your staff’s time to do these tasks since website maintenance and updating is part of any website design package.

5. You Learn To Be In Denial That You Need a New Website

Sometimes, when you spend a lot of time building something, you get blind to the flaws since it requires admitting that you screwed up. Some clients who build their own subpar websites are still not convinced that they need a better website. Remember, your website is your public showcase of your business and if it’s not up to snuff, people are going to pass on your business in a blink of an eye.

You Learn To Be In Denial That You Need a New Website

6. Template Websites Are Hard to Optimize

We alluded to this above but this is probably one of the most important reasons why you should only build your website through a professional Fresno website design company and not by yourself.

Free templates and programs like Wix and others may offer you a layout to fill in, but these websites are usually not search engine friendly and they’re extremely hard to optimize for search engines.

Let’s face it. The reason you build a website is not just to have a nice looking and functioning site, it’s actually to educate prospective clients about your business and get leads, right? If that’s the case cheap templates won’t usually do the trick. You need a professional website with keyword-rich content, landing pages, site map, and optimized images etc. All these aspects can be provided by a professional website design company and not a free program or cheap templates.

7. You Think You Will Save Money But You’re Not

Let’s face it. You want to build your website yourself because you think you will save thousands of dollars on web design services with a company. Yes, you will end up saving a bundle on that. But what you save today on website design will actually cost a lot more in lost revenue in the long run because these websites are not made for long term goals and they don’t attract potential customers like we discussed earlier.

A professional website is an investment and it pays back big if it’s done right the first time, because you can optimize it for search engines or use paid ads on Google to generate traffic.

If your potential customers are put off by the way your website looks and feels and if they don’t get the expected user experience, they will bounce from your site and eventually all these marketing dollars will go to waste. Like we said earlier, you get what you pay for.

Final Thoughts

Your business is your bread and butter and you worked hard to set it up and expect to make a living out of it. So make sure to invest wisely and build a custom professional website that sells your business to your customers and works as a lead generation machine.

Zivvy is one of Fresno’s top website design companies and we have built many websites for all sorts of businesses from mom and pop shops to large ecommerce sites. We pretty much have something for everybody and you don’t have to spend $10,000 to get yourself a kick-ass website.We have high-end and affordable solutions to match every budget so go ahead and give us a call and one of our experienced website designers in Fresno will outline how our website design services can transform your business and help you reach your end goal.

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