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Top 6 Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Roofing Business in 2021


Is your goal to increase your online exposure
Is your goal to double your sales and keep your schedule busy?
If your answer is YES, then digital marketing for roofing companies is what you need.

Many roofing companies invest a lot in money traditional advertising avenues hoping to increase their sales. Some of these channels may include promotional flyers, direct mail and yellow pages. However, many roofers don’t pay enough attention to the most valuable commodity which is digital marketing for roofing companies and how effective it can be to transform their revenues dramatically.

In this post, we will discuss six easy hacks to grow your roofing business, and dominate search engine rankings.

Let’s get started right away!

Tip 1) Revamp your old website

Give your website a facelift, not just by updating your design but also updating your content to ensure that your website works for you.

Your website represents your brand image and how your future clients perceive your business, and while a roofing website can serve as a business card for your company it can also be your number one lead generation tool.
Your roofing website can make or break your business, it can give your prospects the confidence to call you and book a roofing job or simply move on to your competitors.

It’s important for your roofing website to have a fast loading speed, no broken links, and most importantly be mobile compatible in order for your clients to preview the site on their cell phones and tablets.

A strong website must contain all your business information, a full-service catalog, legal disclaimers, previous and recent projects overview, and your contact information. It also must be easy to navigate with a clean and uncluttered design.

At Zivvy, we’re experts in building websites for roofing companies, our roofing websites will help you gain brand exposure, convert leads, and grow your business.

Tip 2) Invest in Local SEO to Grow Your Roofing Company

Local SEO for roofing companies is more important than ever and it’s the most cost-effective way to generate quality leads for your roofing business.

More than 50% of Google users are local and over 90% of them tend to choose websites that are local on organic results and Google Maps. This just shows how important it is to have SEO as your primary marketing method.

First things first, you need to claim your Google My Business listing and make sure that it’s populated with all the accurate information about your business. Add pictures and social posts and most importantly encourage your clients to leave reviews on your page.

The next step is to work creating good content for your landing pages and build quality backlinks.

Most roofing business owners don’t have the time or the proper knowledge to do this process and that’s why at Zivvy we can help your roofing website to rank high on all search engines and let you focus on what you do best.

Tip 3: Use paid ads to generate immediate leads.

Paid ads are also called pay per click which is the auction process of getting ads to appear on Google and Facebook.

Even though it’s quite expensive compared to local SEO, Pay per Click is one of the fastest and effective methods of generating leads to your roofing business. Your ads should link to a landing page with a contact form to encourage clients to fill in their info and ask for a quote.

Pay per click is definitely the fastest way to get quality residential and commercial leads for your moving business.

In order to see great results from the paid ads you need to hire the right agency to do it for you and we at Zivvy have tremendous experience running paid ad campaigns for roofing companies over the years.

Tip 4: Get more reviews for your roofing company

As a roofing company, your online reputation is your number one currency, since it reflects your quality of work and how your clients perceive it. Homeowners all across the country will do their due diligence before hiring a roofing company and will read every review online and check your website before booking a roofer.

Positive online reviews can improve your brand image and increase the trust between your business and future clients. It’s the trust that you earn before even communicating with your prospect that will make you stand out. On the other hand, negative reviews will drive them away from your roofing business.

It’s important to encourage your clients to post positive reviews for your roofing business on your Google My Business profile and all your social media. You also need to post those reviews on your website to elevate your brand image.

At Zivvy, we can guide you on how to generate more positive reviews for your roofing business online.

Tip 5: Double Down on Your Social Media

People spend a large portion of their time on social media platforms such as Facebook. It’s imperative to boost your social media by creating fully optimized social media profiles for your roofing business. Social media can help you connect with your existing clients through the distribution of valuable content or with potential customers by offering them valuable deals that they can’t resist.

Social media also helps with your reputation since Facebook allows users to leave reviews about your business and it also gives you the chance to respond to these reviews which shows people that you care about their experiences.

Finally, if you decide to invest in Facebook ads in the future, you need to have a proper Facebook business page with a decent number of posts, follows and valuable content to improve your conversion rate from social ads. Social media ads, especially Facebook, are highly recommended since it offers great targeting options at a much lower cost per click compared to other marketing channels such as Google Ads.

Tip 6: Network with Local Business Owners

This is a great method to grow your roofing company and it latterly cost you nothing but a little effort combined with your Good reputation both online and offline

You can reach out to remodeling companies and real estate agents in your local city. Promise to refer your customers to them if they will do the same to your business.

You can also reach out to local business conventions or conferences in your local area and connect with likeminded local business owners

How Zivvy Marketing Team Can Grow Your Roofing Business

It may take time and effort on your end to implement the above tips, that’s why Zivvy can help you do just that and more by using our experience in marketing roofing company’s websites for the past years and employ our cutting edge technology to do so.

We strive to provide the following services to accelerate your roofing business growth and stay ahead of the competition:

• Affordable roofing website that will generate quality leads and booked jobs
• A mobile-friendly roofing website that will differentiate your business from the competition.
• Local SEO that helps your roofing website to rank first on all major search engines and dominate your business.
• Paid ads that can bring a quick return on investment and generate quality leads
• Reputation management services that will build trust between your prospects and your roofing business.

Look no further and request your free consultation with one of our roofing marketing experts today. You can email us at or simply give us a call at 650-770-0114

Walid Nofal
Walid is the head of acquisition and client success at Zivvy, he has over 12 years of experience in helping businesses expand and grow. He’s also the author of multiple digital marketing articles which can be found on this blog and also LinkedIn.

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