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Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Local SEO for Roofers

Top 5 Tips to Boost Your Local SEO for Roofers

You probably saw some of your roofing competitors’ websites at the top of Google and started wondering: How can I rank at the top of Google too? There are multiple aspects that go into search engine rankings. However SEO for roofing companies is the most important, especially in highly competitive local areas with many roofing companies competing for top rankings too.

Local SEO for roofing companies is a marketing channel targeted at promoting businesses in local areas with local audiences in mind. Search engine ranking is determined by Google using algorithms to identify the most relevant websites matching the search queries by customers.

The more relevant your website content is to customers’ search queries, the more likely Google and Bing will rank your website on the first page which will expose your business to your local target audience.

In this article we discuss our top 5 tips to boost your local roofing SEO campaign.

Tip #1 Use Location Keywords

If you wish for your roofing website to rank on the first page of Google, it’s important to use location-specific keywords in your website’s content and social media profiles.

You can get help collecting a list of location keywords using free tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner. With this tool, you enter your desired keywords and the Keyword Planner will generate a list of keyword ideas ranked by search volume and competition level. You can then choose the keywords from the list that you wish to target in your website content.

Tip #1 Use Location Keywords

Start by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself “what would they type into Google to find a local roofing company?” A seed list that you can start with are keywords like roofing company, roof repair, roofing contractor etc.

Your next step is to combine those keywords with your local city or metro area where you operate at and want to get business inquiries from. For example: if you’re a roofing company in Atlanta, GA you can use the below list as a starting point.

• Roofing company Atlanta GA
• Roofing contractors Atlanta GA
• Atlanta GA Roofers
• Roof repair Atlanta GA
• Roof replacement Atlanta GA

You can replicate the same process using your own local area and with all the other services that you offer such as gutter replacement, window installation, etc.

Tip #2 Use Your Target Keywords in the Content of Your Roofing Website

When you have your keyword list ready, it’s time to use them in your website content and social media. Make sure your content has keyword density of about 1-2% per page. This way, if someone types in those keywords on Google, your website is more likely to rank higher on the search engine results.

Tip #2 Use Your Target Keywords in the Content of Your Roofing Website

A great way to use keywords in your website content is to use keywords at the header of your web page and repeat them within the content of that same page.

Using targeted keywords in your web pages is useful for both Google and users to understand the topic of your page and helps Google to rank your website higher.

Tip #3 Use Your Target Keywords in Your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Another best practice that we totally recommend is to use is to use your location keywords in the title tag of your home page, sub pages and even your blog.

The same goes for your meta descriptions. They help Google understand the topic of your page and match it with the appropriate search queries.

Tip #3 Use Your Target Keywords in Your Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

For example, if you have a page that talks about roof replacement in Atlanta and the title tag and meta description of that page matches the topic, you are more likely to rank for this local keyword.

Make sure to use an attractive page title that can attract eyeballs so when users search online and come across your page, they click on it.

Tip #4 Make Sure Your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) Are Consistent Across All Platforms

You may not think it’s an important factor but it is actually one of the most important practices in Roofer SEO campaigns. You should make sure that you use the correct local phone number, business address, and business name across all platforms.

Using a local address and a local phone number helps Google understand that you’re from that local area and that boosts your chances of ranking higher for local keywords on Google.

Tip #4 Make Sure Your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) Are Consistent Across All Platforms

You should also use the same practice across all your social media and local directories and make sure that your contact information is accurate and up to date.

If one piece of information is inaccurate or inconsistent, it will confuse Google and that will lower your chances of getting ranked for local keywords or in your local target area so make sure your NAP is consistent.

You can do this manually or use some paid automated filing tools like Moz or bright local.

Tip #5 Claim Your Google My Business Page

One of the best ways to boost your roofer SEO campaign and gain more real estate on the first page of Google search results is by creating a Google My Business profile. This is a fairly easy process with a quick setup. Think of it as creating a Facebook page for your business since GMB is considered as part of your roofing social media.

Having a Google My Business profile for your roofing company has multiple benefits for your roofing SEO strategy. For example, you can post updates about your business or post pictures and videos of your projects. Posting some before and after pictures go a long way too. You can add your operating business hours and how potential customers can contact you.

Tip #5 Claim Your Google My Business Page

You’re a great roofer and you do amazing work for your clients so it’s time for your local community to know about it. One of the most important advantages of GMB is that your customers can post reviews about your roofing company and share their positive experience about your roofing work. Google puts a lot of weight on reviews when it comes to ranking local roofing websites.

Another cool benefit of having great reviews on your Google My Business profile is to build up your credibility online which will make it easier for your potential customers to choose your roofing services over your competitors.

At the same time, you can also get a Google star rating based on the number of reviews you have and how many of them are positive So, we encourage you to ask your past customers to leave a nice review about your service after every job. This way you can get a 5 star rating next to your business name on Google. If you’re searching for a Roofer in your local area, wouldn’t you want to choose a roofer with a high rating?

Here Are Some Bonus Seo Tips for Your Roofing Website

If you’re still reading this means that you’re excited to kick start your local roofing SEO campaign, so here’s a few more tips to keep in mind to help boost your local SEO presence:

• Make sure you have all your service areas listed on your contact us page.
• Create a landing page for each service that you provide, this will increase your conversion ratio.
• Add a contact form on your home page and each subpage to help convert traffic to leads.
• Offer Free Estimates on your website, people like free stuff and you will increase your chances of booking more jobs.
• Get your website linked to other websites with high domain authority. This shows Google that your website is popular.
• Build some internal links, for example if you’re writing a blog post about a certain service that you offer make sure to add a link to the page designated to talk about that specific service on your website.
• Post regular informative posts on your blog and social media, people actually read this stuff and it helps customers to choose your service over your competitors who don’t do it

Final Thoughts

The best time to start your rooing SEO campaign is yesterday, and your competitors won’t stop optimizing their websites to rank on the first page of Google and get more business.

And while SEO may seem as hard as roofing in July, don’t worry your SEO buddies at Zivvy got your back with a kick ass roofing SEO strategy designed to keep your phone ringing and your schedule busy.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE no obligation consultation with one of our roofing SEO experts here at the top SEO firm in California.

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