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Top 5 Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

Top 5 Marketing Ideas for Insurance Agents

It’s always optimal to use the latest and greatest digital marketing platforms and tips to keep your brand’s message out there. However, you still must have solid fundamentals for creating an effective marketing strategy.

In this article we discuss our top 5 marketing tips for insurance agents that will help you build a strong marketing foundation for your company.

1. Boost Your Brand With a Modern Website That Attracts Leads

Having a professional insurance website is the cornerstone of your web presence but you also have to ask yourself, is it attracting new visitors? Is it designed from an SEO perspective? Are there appropriate calls to action to get potential clients to contact you and leave their information? The answers to these questions can determine if your website can drive traffic and leads or not.

 Boost Your Brand With a Modern Website That Attracts Leads
Any custom made website made to help grow your business should work in parallel with your social media and email marketing strategy. Your website should always promote engagement by offering informative content, updates, and infographics. This way your website can always boost your engagement levels which results in more qualified traffic converting into actual clients.

2. Optimize Your Impact by Using Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a great tool in your marketing arsenal. In fact, it’s the first channel that you should be focusing on given how easy and affordable it is to drive traffic to your agency or brokerage. Having custom emails with the right message directed at the right audiences can be the main factor of your email marketing strategy.

Optimize Your Impact by Using Email Marketing

Using email as a marketing strategy can be extremely effective because it’s a direct channel to your prospective clients. It keeps your insurance brand relevant and can be one of the most effective marketing channels for your insurance business.

We always recommend making your message more personalized to your target audience. It can increase engagement in the form of educational content and social sharing. Creating emails that can provide useful insurance tips or guides can quickly become viral and create a passive flow of incoming leads to your insurance agency because it addresses the insurance needs of people.

3. Increase Your Brand Awareness With Video

Video is the biggest thing in online marketing right now simply because almost 50% of consumers like to view videos of brands. At the same time, the ongoing growth of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn make it very simple for insurance agents to take advantage of videos and promote them on their social media channels. As an insurance agent, you have a great opportunity to create videos that talk about certain services or to answer people’s common questions. When these videos get shared and liked on social media, it can go viral and drive traffic to your insurance business. You can also take advantage of the stories section on these platforms to publish your videos and gain more traction and visibility.

 Increase Your Brand Awareness With Video

4. Take Advantage of Social Media

While building a social media presence is one of the best marketing ideas for insurance agents, it’s also an opportunity to connect and engage prospects and clients on a personal level. Remember, people want to do business with people. Use a broad range of content, from industry insights to community involvement, to show your audience you are knowledgeable and relatable.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Building a social media presence is a no brainer for insurance agents. Not only because you get the chance to put your name out there but it also allows you to engage with your prospects and clients on a personal level.

You can start by creating a Facebook Business Page and populate it with insights, news and case studies about insurance services. You can monitor your progress using analytics and use the insights to modify your content and improve your targeting.

5. Use Marketing Automation for Better Marketing Results

Automation can be a great tool for insurance agents because it can be used for a variety of channels like email, content, SEO, social, and more. It can save you time and money and will quickly become your best friend since it can improve the efficiency of all of your marketing channels.

Use Marketing Automation for Better Marketing Results

It can help you streamline your entire marketing process and build stronger campaigns faster. You can use automation to deliver custom messages using SMS, emails etc.

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