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Top 4 Tips to Improve Your Dental Website

Top 4 Tips to Improve Your Dental Website
Top 4 Tips to Improve Your Dental Website

According to recent studies, 95% of people learn more about a local business online as opposed to anywhere else. When a patient is trying to decide which dental practice to visit for a root canal treatment or a dental checkup, the first thing they do is to look up their options online. Your dental website may be their first impression.

Imagine that a new family has moved into the local area and is looking for a dental practice that offers services for the entire family, including cleanings, fillings, crowns, or dental implants. If your website is slow or outdated, or simply doesn’t offer any valuable information about your dental services, you can lose a long-term patient.

On the other hand, a functional and modern dental website will boost your dental practice’s reputation by showcasing your professionalism and credibility as a leader in dentistry. In this article we will show you some foolproof ways to improve your dental website’s performance to attract potential patients to choose your practice over your competitors.

Make Your Dental Website Mobile Friendly:

Most Americans spend around 6 hours a day on their smartphones, that’s why it’s not surprising that mobile searches make up more than half of all Google searches. People are using their phones to find pretty much anything such as local businesses. If your dental website is mobile friendly then potential patients are more likely to find your dental practice.

Make Your Dental Website Mobile Friendly

A mobile-friendly website is a version of your dental website that is optimized for the smaller display screen of a mobile device. Images are displayed smaller to load quickly over mobile connections. Slideshows can work without Adobe Flash or other plugins, and users can click links to make a call to your dental practice or email you directly from their mobile devices.

If you want to take your dental website to the next level, create a mobile-optimized version of your website that has mobile responsive design and mobile functionality. It will offer your potential patients a totally different experience from the desktop version of your dental website. The navigation menu would show large buttons along with the most important information on the homepage. The design is more simplified with less distractions and faster loading speed.

Another reason to make your dental website mobile friendly is because Google’s search algorithm ranks websites based on how optimized their mobile versions are. The higher your dental business is on the front page of Google, the more traffic your website will receive.

If you want to revamp your website or simply build a new one from scratch, go ahead and book your marketing assessment call today and our dental web design team will create a website plan that will convert visitors to patients.

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What action do you want your future patients to take when they visit your dental website? Both the desktop and mobile versions of your dental website should have an effective call to action (CTA) to encourage users to take action. The purpose of a Call to Action is to convert users into patients. Potential dental patients also expect to find CTAs on your dental website. Maybe they have skimmed your services and been impressed by your testimonials and reviews, and are now ready to move forward with you as their dentist of choice.

When having a strong CTA you can help your future patients figure out what their next steps should be. Also, when you give your potential patients a sense of urgency, calls to action can boost your conversion rates significantly. Call to actions are typically an action verb and appear in a clear and obvious position on your dental website. CTAs can be pop-ups, side panels, slide-ins, and headers.

Aside from standing out, a CTA should offer a benefit and also should follow a logical flow for a new site user, gradually guiding them along the sales funnel to eventually book an appointment or make a call to your office.

Here are some examples of dental website calls to action:

• Request an appointment

• Schedule a call

• Click to learn more

• Sign up for our dental newsletter

Use Real Photos of your Practice and Staff

Use Real Photos of your Practice and Staff

Selecting relevant and high-quality images for your dental website to complement the text is very important. However, to convert your site’s visitors into dental patients, don’t rely only on stock images of bright smiles and shiny dental offices that can be found on thousands of other dental websites online. Instead, use real photos of your practice and staff by having a professional photographer take high-quality photos of your team and dental environment. While stock images can be a quick and easy way to add color and vibe to your website’s marketing campaigns, what really increases brand loyalty and builds patients’ trust is original photography.

Hiring a photographer to take unique photos of your dental office and team can be extremely beneficial in making your dental practice stand out as authentic, welcoming, and established. Photos of your staff, dentists and hygienists can make potential patients feel like they want to meet you and have you treat them. In addition to personal photos, take photos of your team interacting with patients of all backgrounds around the office. Also we recommend filming an introduction video sharing your educational background, dentistry experience, and a tour of the office. Videos of patient testimonials can also set your dental website apart and build social proof.

If you want to revamp your website or simply build a new one from scratch, go ahead and book your marketing assessment call today and our dental web design team will create a website plan that will convert visitors to patients.

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Optimize Your Website’s Speed

Optimize Your Website’s Speed

How many times have you clicked away from a site that was too slow or took too long to load? Users care more about site speed than about anything your dental website will show. Google also considers site speed when ranking websites. If one page on your dental website has even a 1 second delay can result in 10% fewer page views, 15% decrease in customer satisfaction and 6% loss in conversions. So what can you do to make sure your dental website is loading fast?

The cause of a slow website usually comes from the web hosting company. Make sure that your dental website is hosted using a high quality hosting provider for optimal performance. Having too many media files on one page may also cause a delay in loading time. Make sure to resize your images so that your pages load faster. 50% of people leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

When to Build A New Dental Website

Now that we’ve discussed what to do to improve your dental practice’s website, you may be asking yourself if you should just build a new website from scratch. The answer is yes and no. If you already have a dental website, rebuilding your website can be both expensive and negatively affect your SEO ranking. If your needs are purely design-wise, meaning you’d like to give your website a modern look and feel, a dental marketing agency can come up with a strategy to revamp the look and feel of your site without rebuilding it. However, in other cases, building a new dental website from scratch might be necessary:

Here are some of the reasons you might want to build a new website:

• Your dental practice doesn’t have a website

• Your dental practice doesn’t own its current website

• Your current website’s KPIs are not performing well and the conversion rate is low

Elevate Your Practice’s Website With Effective Dental Marketing

If you’re looking for a dental marketing agency that can build and design a high-performing dental website for your practice, get in touch with our team at Zivvy today for a Free Consultation!

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