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Top 4 Strategies for Attracting New Patients for Dentists

Top 4 Strategies for Attracting New Patients for Dentists

Dentists are always looking for new methods to keep increasing their new patients and keeping their schedules busy.

Earning new patients starts with how you treat them from when they enter your clinic until they get their treatment and leave. You always have to make sure that your patients get the best experience from the first moment they come in to when they leave after getting the best dental treatment.

In this article, we dive into our top 4 strategies to attract new dental patients.

Make a Great First Impression

In these days of the internet, the first impression your dental practice provides is your website and your web presence. If you’re looking to grow your practice, you’ll need to ace these 2 steps.

You need to make sure that your website is up to date and relevant along with making sure that your content is fresh. Your blog needs to have recent posts in order to give the impression that you’re actively updating your dental website with new information.

An outdated website can drive patients away and will suggest that you don’t care much about your patients’ experience. Even if you rely on word of mouth to get new patients, it’s still vital to keep an updated dental website with fresh content, images, and blog posts because it’s very likely that new patients will check out your website before visiting you.
Make a Great First Impression
Also, don’t forget about search engine optimization for dentists. It plays a great role in your web presence online. Not only that it will help bolster your website presence and overall online image, it will also drive new patients to your practice when they search for a dentist on Google.

SEO for dentists can be a great way to promote your dental practice and get a great ROI. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly since Google rewards mobile-responsive sites with better rankings. Since most people use their smartphones to search online, your website needs to be optimized for mobile.

Hire Friendly Staff to Greet Your Patients

This should be your number one priority as you need to hire friendly people for your dental practice. Hire great staff members who greet your patients with a smile and try to help them as much as they can.
Hire Friendly Staff to Greet Your Patients
Your team’s attitude is the one vital thing that leaves a lasting impression on patients, especially new patients. Your staff members must be properly trained including how to greet patients and how to meet their expectations from the moment they walk into the door.

There’s nothing worse than patients not getting greeted by staff as soon as they walk into a dental practice.

Ask for Feedback and Referrals from Your Patients

Every dental practice needs to know how it’s doing, and asking for patients’ experiences is the best way to find out. Whether you ask them directly as they schedule their next appointment, send them an email or an SMS, or even call them a couple of days after their appointments, it’s important to know what your patients really think of you and your practice.
Ask for Feedback and Referrals from Your Patients
The best thing you can do is ask your patients how things went and how they felt about their experience. Anything that you can learn from your patients’ feedback will definitely help improve your practice.

You can also encourage a patient referral program and let patients know about it. You can offer incentives to those who participate. For example, patients who refer their friends and family to you can get a gift card or a discount on their next treatment.

Use Patient Feedback to Improve Your Practice

When you ask for patient feedback, take it seriously otherwise you’re wasting your time.
Use Patient Feedback to Improve Your Practice
You can share this feedback with your team and help them learn from their mistakes and improve on it. Also, if you receive great feedback about your team, make sure to acknowledge their great efforts and reward them for it.

You can treat your top employees to a free lunch or a gift card for their great service. This will encourage them to carry on their best efforts and that will keep your patients happy and better their experience.


As you increase your efforts looking for new patients and work hard to keep your schedule busy, start with quality interactions with patients both online and in person, hire welcoming employees, ask for feedback, and use it to better your patients’ experience.

Doing the above should help set you apart from the competition and let patients know that you care. If they know that you care, they’ll reward you with repeat appointments, and they just might tell their friends about you as well.

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