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Top 4 Most Effective Strategies to Drive New Dental Patients

Top 4 Most Effective Strategies to Drive New Dental Patients
Top 4 Most Effective Strategies to Drive New Dental Patients

Online marketing for dentists is a very competitive space. Dental practices that are not getting great results from digital marketing need to rethink their strategy to start increasing the flow of new patients.

In this article we discuss our top 4 most effective strategies to drive new dental patients online.

1. Use Voice Search as Part of Your Dental SEO Strategy

Voice search has become the most popular search option for users since almost 50% of searches are voice based. Users usually use voice search when looking for local dentists or getting map directions.
Use Voice Search as Part of Your Dental SEO Strategy

It has become a must to optimize your dental website for voice search which means making it answer-ready for queries with search phrases that start with “who”, “when”, “what”, “where,” and “how”. For example, “Who’s the best dentist near me.” Patients are using voice search to get answers from Siri or Alexa. At the same time, most searches are location-based phrases like nearby or near me or how far, etc. It’s more important than ever that your website content is optimized for local searches and you can accomplish that by following these steps:

Structure Your Content: Search engines like Google like appealing and well written content in the answer box like checklists, tables or bullet points. You can ask Google to use listed data content in the answer’s box.

Claim Your GMB Profile: Having a properly organized Google My Business profile (GMB) for your dental practice is important since you want to be found for your specific location under local keywords. In your profile, make sure that your NAP (Name-Address-Phone number) is listed in the profile and is accurate. Also, make sure that you’re listed under the right categories (dentist, orthodontics, pediatric dentist, etc.) for services that you provide.

Optimize for Mobile Devices: Almost 80% of patients use search engines like Google to find a nearby dentist and 60% of these searches are coming from mobile devices. That means that your website should be mobile friendly and responsive to mobile search which will have a positive effect more patients finding your office and contact information.

Create Blog Posts to Answer Patients Questions: You can create a FAQ section on your website to answer common patient questions. The same goes for your blog posts: identify the questions that your patients usually ask and create a blog post about each one of them. Your post needs to address patients’ questions in a simple and well formatted way. Google likes informative content and your blog will not only turn readers into new patients but will also improve your dental SEO. You can include the common patients’ questions in the blog topics like “what are dental veneers” then identify other related questions to the same topic and use them as sub headers. Keep your answers brief and to the point and that can actually get your blog posts ranked on the first page Google for multiple terms.

2. Target the Right Patients with Remarketing

Dental SEO is a long term game and ranking on Google takes a lot of time and effort to start generating traffic and increasing your dental patients online. However, there’s also the chance that some of these patients would bounce from your website and don’t make the action that you desire like booking an appointment or calling your office. Actually this happens more often than you think and the only way to keep your dental practice on their mind after leaving your site without taking action is remarketing.

Target the Right Patients with Remarketing

Remarketing is the method of showing your advertisements with video or image ads to patients of abandoned sites by following them on the other websites that they visit. This happens when a tracking code is installed on your dental website to attach cookies to the browsers of your website’s visitors. Then, these cookies will trigger your ads on the browsers of the visitors of your dental website. Remarketing usually works best with the PPC method through Google ads.

Google ads will show your ads to websites that are part of their display network which covers most of the web space. You can also do remarketing using Facebook ads which is kind of the same method but different platform which means that your remarketing ads will be shown on Facebook.

3. Increase Your Exposure on Social Media

Social media has become a big part of our lives and people are now spending more on their social media than ever. That means there’s a great opportunity for your dental practice to increase your brand awareness and ignite visibility by being present on different social media platforms. One of the best ways to keep up your social media presence is to post valuable content on all of your social media platforms.

As an example, if you’re publishing a case study or a video testimonial of a patient on your Facebook page, make sure to do so on your Instagram too. That way, you’ll have higher chances of your potential users finding this post at least on one platform. This will help people take note of your practice which will help increase your brand’s reach and credibility.

Increase Your Exposure on Social Media

Also, try to always create posts on special media that add value to your potential patients and drive high user engagement. There are many ways to do so other than just creating posts; you can create polls, contests, ratings etc., on all your social media platforms. These are some of the easiest ways for your dental practice to increase brand recognition and also improve user engagement in no time. Make sure to post as frequently as possible and by doing so your brand will have more visibility in front of users’ feeds not to mention that having a great social media presence will have a positive impact on your dental SEO.

4. Improving Credibility with Patient Video Testimonials

Online reviews are one of the most vital options to boost your brand’s image online. Before booking, most patients usually look for success stories and reviews of past patients and they make their decision based on these online reviews.
Improving Credibility with Patient Video Testimonials

Having great reviews online promotes trust especially with testimonial videos. The good news is that you don’t need a big production crew to produce great testimonial videos since you can have your staff do it using a smartphone to record, edit the videos, then share them online. We do recommend using a professional editing software to make the videos look more professional and add your brand’s touch to it before posting them online.


These top 4 dental marketing ideas have been tried and tested by our dental marketing team for our dental clients and proved to be very effective in driving new patients to their practices. It also helps to implement these steps if you’re serious about your dental marketing especially if you’re investing in dental SEO.

Don’t waste any more time and start using these effective tips to drive new patients to your practice today!

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