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Top 3 Dental Website Tips to Convert More New Patients

Top 3 Dental Website Tips to Convert More New Patients
Top 3 Dental Website Tips to Convert More New Patients

As a dental marketing agency we’ve worked with a lot of dentists and after analyzing hundreds of dental websites we found that on average, dental websites convert less than 2% of new visitors to patients. That seems pretty low considering how important your dental website is to your overall dental marketing. This is the first stop each patient starts with when considering booking an appointment with your practice.

When you lose almost 98% of your dental website visitors, that’s a red flag because that means users didn’t see the right information on your website to book an appointment. You need to make sure that your website is converting new patients and not driving them away.

We decided to share our top 3 tips that you can implement now to help your dental website convert more new patients. Let’s dive in.

1. Create Personalized Content

One of the most common mistakes dentists do is use more stock photos on their websites than authentic photos. What we mean by authentic photos is staff photos, photos of your exam room, or waiting room.

Think of these authentic photos as a virtual tour for your website so when patients land on your website they can get a personal look into your practice as if they’re taking a tour. Patients want to see the staff that they’re going to deal with when they visit your office, the doctor that’s going to treat them and even the actual office that they’ll be visiting.

It’s highly recommended to start personalizing your content in terms of your website images by replacing stock photos with authentic real photos of your staff and your office. If you’re planning to build a new website, make sure that your dental web design company will implement this best practice.

Here’s an example: On Dr.Yang’s website you can see that he prioritizes using personalized photos of him and his staff at his practice to give new patients that welcoming feeling they need to book an appointment. He also has a dedicated page about his credentials, experience and even a family picture. All these elements contributed to increase their website’s conversion rate by 20%.

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2. Highlight Patient Reviews

While you can rave about your practice all day long, potential new patients will always trust your patient reviews over anything else. In fact, 79% of people trust online reviews as much or more than personal recommendations!

Any dentist can rave about their practice. However, potential patients will always trust your reviews over anything else. In fact over 80% of people trust online reviews to help them make buying decisions.

Given how important reviews are for your practice, you need to make sure that your reviews are published and prominent on your website. You can dedicate a testimonial section on your website and also keep a couple of reviews on your homepage. However, many dental practice websites don’t pay much attention to online reviews and have only a couple of reviews on their site which doesn’t give new patients much confidence.

As a dental web design agency, we make it a priority to highlight patient reviews for our clients on their dental website and you should do so too. Otherwise you risk losing potential new patients.

Using the same example, Take a look at Dr. Yang’s website landing page below , you can see that right on the front page he has a carousel of patient reviews which makes it very promentnat that any new patient landing on his page won’t miss it. He even included the platforms that he was rated on right on the top section of the page like Google, Yelp and Facebook.

This best practice has helped Dr. Yang booked more appointments from this one landing page which he uses for paid ads to attract traffic, all because he leveraged his authenticity.

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3. Use a Clear Call-to-Action

As a dentist, you can pour thousands of dollars of your hard earned money into a dental marketing strategy in order to bring in more patients. However, if your dental web design is missing some key ingredients, you could see all that budget going to waste and that is a clear call to action. When taking a look at your dental website, do you see an easy way for patients to book an appointment with you? Are you giving them more than one option to book an appointment?

There are many calls to action that you can use such as listing your phone number on your website and making it clickable for mobile users so they can click on and call your practice from your website right away.

You can also add a request a consultation button which can lead to your contact us page or create a popup form for patients to fill in to request a call back or book an appointment.

Also, you can actually have a booking form right on your homepage to make it easier for patients to book appointments online or request a call back.

As a dental web design agency we always combine all 3 call to actions to make it easier for patients to call , request a callback or book an appointment online. This best practice alone can triple your new patients.

Take a look at Dr. Yang’s website header and hero section and you can clearly see that he has all 3 features listed in a prominent and a nice way so he can capture each patient landing on his website.

Zivvy’s Dental Web Design Success Formula

As a dental marketing company, we always care about designing and developing outstanding websites for our dental clients. These websites are not only modern looking but also built to convert visitors to new patients.

While most dental websites can get an average of less than 2% conversion rate , our dental websites can convert anywhere between 10% to 15% because we know how to make your dental website work as a lead generation tool to grow your practice.

If you want a new website that is built to convert and is proven to keep your phone ringing and your schedule busy, make sure to call Zivvy. As one of the best dental web design and dental marketing agencies in California, we understand that a dental website is the cornerstone of any dental marketing strategy. So go ahead and schedule your free assessment now and let’s grow your practice today!

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