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The Top 5 Mistakes in Dental SEO (& How to Avoid Them)


If you can’t find your practice on search engines, it’s most probably due to your dental SEO strategy. Dental SEO is constantly changing, and if you are making these 5 mistakes, it’s likely that you’re wasting your budget and losing new patients.

Mistake #1: Using Keywords with Research Intent

The Top 5 Mistakes in Dental SEO (& How to Avoid Them)

By using SEO keywords, you are helping search engines categorize your website correctly so your website appears for people searching for a local dentist in your area. The list of keywords you choose is crucial to your dental SEO strategy, but dentists usually don’t make it a priority to choose keywords that will actually attract new patients. For example, a keyword like “dental implants,” is great, but it has research intent. This means that these keywords are used by other dentists researching new procedures or by price-shopping patients researching the cost of implants, and more. If you optimize your website to rank for these keywords, your website will show up to a group of people that might not be interested in booking a dental appointment. The patients most willing to book an appointment with you aren’t using research intent keywords, but they are using hiring intent keywords.

Keywords with hiring intent include phrases like “near me,” “same day,” or “appointment.” For example, “dental implants near me.” Use these phrases to turn your SEO keywords into hiring intent keywords so you can put your website in front of patients that are most likely to book an appointment with you.

Mistake #2: Not Updating Your Keywords

Many dentists chose their SEO keywords once, a long time ago, and never researched them again. But the most effective dental SEO keywords are constantly changing.

If you are still using outdated keywords in your dental SEO strategy, your practice will drop in the search rankings! If a competitor is utilizing higher-ranking keywords, you are losing patients due to your outdated SEO. Over 70% of patients will choose one healthcare provider over another based on which has a stronger online presence. Always make sure to revamp your keywords from time to time to keep your website optimized for the best dental SEO keywords.

Mistake #3: Ignoring Local SEO

Ignoring Local SEO

Local SEO strategies are often overlooked in dental SEO, which may be the biggest mistake on this list! Almost half of all Google searches are local searches, and local searches convert more than generic ones. If a patient is searching for a local dentist on their smartphone, there is a 90% chance they will either call or visit your practice within 24 hours! Local SEO is a strategy that targets the patients most likely to visit your practice because it mainly targets your local area. To show up on Google for local new patients, pair your dental SEO keywords with your practice location to optimize your website, ads, and content. For example: if you’re located in Boston MA, make sure your target keywords like dental implants in Boston MA, or emergency dentist Boston, MA.

Mistake #4: Not Being Consistent

SEO is an ongoing strategy that needs to be worked on continuously, which is why we were shocked to learn that some dental SEO companies are only checking on their client’s SEO once a month…or even less often! Google updates its search algorithm at least twice a day. That shows how often you need to keep track of your dental SEO progress. Every single update pushes your website down in the Google rankings, which is why you, and new patients, might not be able to find your practice website all the time. You need a reliable team to constantly check your SEO efforts so you can stay on top of the search results, where patients can find you!

To learn more about where your website currently ranked, and how to improve, click below to schedule a free dental SEO Assessment with us.

Mistake #5: Changing Your SEO Strategy Too Early

Changing Your SEO Strategy Too Early

It’s no secret that SEO takes time. In fact it can take months to start working. But if you (and your dental marketing company) remain patient, the progress will eventually pay off. Many dentists tend to be impatient waiting for results and decide to change their dental SEO strategy, but that’s not a smart move because it will only confuse Google and lower your ranking. Some dentists switch right away to Google ads, to replace their dental SEO, and while Google ads have great value, they cannot replace your dental SEO strategy.

Before hiring Zivvy, one of our clients was paying for Google ads to show up in the search results and win new patients fast. But when our dental SEO strategy began working for them, they no longer needed to pay for Google ads, because they were ranked on Page 1 of Google for the same keywords. As a result their new patient calls have increased due to their SEO ranking, without spending a small fortune on ads.

Zivvy’s SEO Strategy

Zivvy’s custom tailored SEO approach helps rank our clients’ websites on the first page of Google for so many high-volume, relevant keywords. We recently optimized one orthodontist’s website with a brand new dental SEO and Local SEO strategy and saw tremendous growth within 6 months.

If you want to learn the current status of your website and how to improve your rankings, or are wondering how Zivvy’s custom tailored SEO approach can help you book more new patients, schedule your free Marketing Assessment Call with our dental marketing team today!

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