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The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Moving Company 2020

The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Moving Company 2020

It is no secret that everything has gone digital, from ordering food online to purchasing products and services. Your moving business is no different and it needs to adapt to the new normal to adapt and prosper. While many moving companies still rely on word of mouth for generating business, it’s incredibly essential to have a strong online presence from having a good website to positive reviews online. Today we put together what we think are the best strategies for marketing your moving company online in 2020 based on research and our years of experience in helping moving companies see success through search engine marketing. 


First and foremost it’s important to have an online presence and that starts with building a great website for your moving business. In this day and age, any reputable moving company has a website and you have the chance to stand out by investing in a great website. Not only can your website can be used as your business card but if it’s done right it will also be your ongoing lead generation tool.


Many moving companies opt to use cheap website templates or a free one-page website from Google either to save on cost or simply because they don’t have the time or access to a web designerBut studies have shown that users don’t normally interact well with those websites and tend to bounce away quickly. Remember, your moving company website is your first impression so make it count. Make sure that your website has a clean design, easy on the eyes, and follows the same colors from your moving company logo. A well-structured website is a must.  Make sure that users can easily navigate it and that each link on the menu bar leads to the correct landing page and has precisely the right information they’re looking for. The usual menu bar should contain your main pages such as about us/ advantages/ rates/ contact and an estimator or calculation form if applicable. 


Remember that not every customer will call you, and some prefer to fill in an estimate form and compare moving rates between their local moving companies. Always make sure that your estimate forms lead directly to an email that you check frequently and that you can contact your customers within 15 minutes with a quote. This can be a great lead generation tool for your moving company website.


Your full contact information must be visible on each page of your website including your home page.  It gives your moving company website the credibility that it needs when dealing with new customers, not to mention increase your bookings. Your contact information should be your local phone number, Toll-free number (if you have multiple locations), Email address & Office address.

It may also be required by law to have your DOT number, license number, and local state license number visible on your website “usually on the footer of your website”. It may also be required by law to provide your clients with their rights and responsibilities booklet so make sure you add its link to your website as well. All these best practices will certainly add to your credibility in front of new customers.


Your happy clients are your number one weapon in attracting more customers, so make sure you ask them for a testimonial to display on your website. We recommend having at least one testimonial on each page of your website because you never know which page your future customers will land on. 


Blogs are fun to read, but not many moving companies have blogs on their websites.  It can certainly have a positive effect on your future customers, not to mention it can help your moving company rank on Google. Some of the most common blog posts that people love to read are stuff like moving and packing tips and tricks, advice on how to make your next move smooth, frequently asked questions, and some fun posts about your previous moves.


YouTube is the second largest search engine online after Google and studies have shown that people consume video content more than text. Make sure to build a nice company culture and showcase it in a nice professional video on your moving company website and YouTube channel. You can always have your staff speak about some fun topics regarding their moving experience, and the fun they have working for your moving company. This can help your customers connect with your company brand on a human level and help to improve your moving company brand awareness.


You’re the best moving company in your local area and people love dealing with you but no one knows that on the web. Your online reputation as a moving company is as important as it is in real life so make sure to do a good job for your customers and encourage them to leave a positive review for your company online. Collecting reviews is a great tool to book new clients because they utilize  those reviews when choosing which moving company to book.  So whenever you’re finished with a job, ask the customer to leave a review. Your customers can leave positive reviews about your moving company on many online platforms such as your Facebook profile, your Google My Business profile and Yelp.  These are called third-party reviews and they can build your reputation online not to mention you get a star rating next to your website which catches the eyeballs of internet users and potential clients.


This is the second part of your online reputation which proves to your customers that you’re a credible company. Get the seal of approval from credible accreditation entities such as BBB and AMSA.  These are very familiar accreditation bodies, and their badges can be used on your website and social media profiles. When you combine positive reviews along with third-party accreditation, it will give your moving company great credibility both online and offline.


Millions of people spend many hours every day on social media, and social media has quickly become an authority when looking for information and you need to be there. Start with step one and build your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business. You need to make sure your profiles are built right by uploading a high-resolution background image which could be your logo and writing a compelling “About Us” brief about your moving company outlining the advantages of why customers need to use your service. Maintain a posting schedule on all your social media profiles at least once a week and keep your posts short and your topics fun to read similar to the blog posts that we talked about earlier.


You may not know it but you may have profiles on a few local directories such as yellow pages,, etc. These profiles are called Citations and help your moving company website rank higher on Google and also gives you more exposure online. Once you claim your business profile, make sure to claim all your profiles on all local business directories online and fill in all the information about your business. Local directories information includes your business name, phone number, and address (NAP) along with a description of your services, pictures, and accepted payment methods. Some local directories offer customers the chance to leave a review about the business so this can also be added to your credibility pack.


You’ve built a great website and collected some nice reviews online. GREAT! Now it’s time to use that website to generate leads. Online marketing for moving companies is an essential tool for generating a constant flow of leads in the form of phone calls from prospects or through your estimate form on your website. If you are not advertising online, you will leave a lot of business on the table that your business so desperately needs during these tough times. There are many effective ways to advertise your moving company online.  Here’s what you need to do.


SEO for moving companies is an essential marketing strategy and a long term one too. SEO helps your website to appear on the organic search results of Google, boosting your ranking and increasing the amount of traffic “AKA inquiries” that your website receives. Users go to search engines mainly to ask questions and search for products and services by typing keywords into the search bar such as “moving company near me” or “movers + city name” and your business can generate great revenues from receiving such a high amount of traffic coming from the website. By optimizing the right landing pages and using the right search terms, SEO can turn your website into a constant lead generation machine. It can also generate traffic through link building, by linking your website to other industry-relevant and popular websites. SEO can take time though; it’s not a short process.  Most SEO campaigns take an average of 60 days to start seeing ranking improvement.  However, once your website is optimized to rank on Page one on Google, it will prove to be the most cost-effective online marketing solution for your moving company.


It’s the fastest way to get on the first page of Google if your goal is to generate leads right away. You can do it yourself or hire an agency to create your Google ads account on your behalf. While it’s not the most cost-effective way it’s certainly the fastest way but you need to be prepared to pay for each click on your ad. Google Ads can generate a decent amount of leads when using the right ad copy so make sure your ad contains a call to actions such as promotions or discounts. You can also display your key advantages, links to certain pages to your website, and a pricing catalog. You also need to make sure your landing page is built for optimization by making sure your customers land on a page that talks exactly about what they’re looking for (remember that long-distance moving is different from piano moving). Always make sure that your landing page is built for conversion so keep the same call to actions displayed on your landing page along with your full contact information and a Free Estimate contact form. 


Facebook has grown to become one of the leading search engines online even though it was built as a social media platform. Millions of people are using Facebook every day and you don’t need to be present for this audience when they’re looking for moving services. Facebook ads are a great lead generation tool, unlike Google, Facebook ads can target audiences not only by geographical location but also by age, gender, interest, and intent to help businesses target the right people at exactly when they need your service. Facebook ads for moving companies can be a lot cheaper than Google ads in terms of the cost per click so take advantage of this platform by writing compelling ad copy, uploading a high-resolution image, and using an enticing call to action to encourage customers to fill in the inquiry form. These ads can also link to your Facebook business page to help increase your Facebook page following and building an audience around your brand locally.


You can use your credibility online to get involved with the online local networks of the top realtors in your city. Connect with them and present your service, it’s a great way to generate leads without having to pay for it, and the more they like your work the more jobs they will send your way.

Encourage your existing clients too to refer your moving company to their family and friends and through social media and offer them a small incentive in return, maybe a cash commission or future discounts. The more referrals you get, the more word of mouth is going to spread and that can be your new source of free leads. 


There are many avenues available when it comes to marketing your moving company.  Every moving company has different needs so we always work with each company to design a customized marketing plan that meets their budget.   The most important advice is to always market within your budget,track your results meticulously, and constantly adjust your marketing strategy for what works.  You can use SEO or paid ads or combine both but the most important thing is that these campaigns must pay for itself.

We at Zivvy marketing have tremendous experience helping moving companies market their company’s online presence through SEO and paid ads and we will be more than happy to offer you a free consultation to help you map the right marketing strategy.

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Jim is a Client Relations Manager at Zivvy and has over 12 years of experience overseeing deliverables for a wide variety of digital marketing accounts. He has helped numerous companies grow their online presence with SEO, Social Media Marketing, and PPC. 

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