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Creating a Superior User Experience

In digital marketing, your website is your most valuable tool, as it displays your offers, facilitates purchases, and tells your brand’s story. Your website design, therefore, should be impeccable from the layout to the colors, to the categories on the navigation bar.

Website design, however, is more than displaying the right images and using beautiful color palettes. It’s about facilitating a positive user experience. The visual elements should be pleasing to the eye, the site silo should be navigable, and the pages should load quickly. Your website should be designed and developed with the users in mind, so that it’s capable of nudging them further into the sales funnel and helping you close more sales.

If your website is not appropriately designed, you could be losing a lot of potential business.

Why Choose Zivvy to Design Your Website

WordPress Custom Design

No one likes cheap, cookie-cutter website templates. That’s why our experienced website design team will build a custom design for your brand tailored to whatever your business needs may be. We also build your website using WordPress which is the best CMS out there.

Mobile Compatible

Mobile search accounts for more than 80% of searches now so it is vital that your website is mobile-friendly on cell phones and tablets. All of Zivvy’s professional website design efforts are geared towards mobile because we understand how important that is for your consumers. Google also favors mobile compatible websites over non-mobile compatible ones.

Easy to Navigate

If visitors can easily explore and understand your site, they’re compelled to read more about your offers and act on your Calls-To-Action. If it’s difficult to find what they need, they will leave and turn to your competitors. Professional web design ensures your web pages flow logically from one page to another and display the right information on the right pages.

Optimized Content

At Zivvy, we have some of the best content writers who will write keyword-rich content that Google loves which will in turn help your SEO efforts to get you ranked higher on Google. We craft your content towards SEO and user experience to make sure your website is not only SEO friendly but also gives consumers the right concise message about your offering.

SEO Friendly

A professional web design incorporates optimization elements to support your SEO campaign. The site structure, for instance, is designed in such a way that search engines can easily understand, crawl, and index. Our experts in web design also optimize the images, increase page loading speeds, and make adjustments to keep the bounce rate low, all of which increase the chances of ranking high on search engines.

Call to Action

Calls-To-Actions are one of the most important elements in any professional website design because they have the power of turning your website into a lead generation machine always giving customers an easy way to get in touch with you. We insert multiple calls-to-action in the right places on each landing page to encourage visitors to take action to either fill in a contact form or request a callback.

What Our Clients
Are Saying

Increase in organic traffic

Mark Hamilton

General Manager Continental Insurance Denver

We tried using Wix to build a website for our startup company however we didn’t get the outcome that we had hoped for and were not generating enough leads from it. We contracted Zivvy to take over our project and they have built a wonderful website for our garage door business. We now generate more leads from our website and our brand image has improved significantly.

Some of Our Recent Designs