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SEO for Dentists: 7 Tips to Get Your Dental Website Ranking High on Google

SEO for Dentists: 7 Tips to Get Your Dental Website Ranking High on Google

Is your dental practice visible on the first page of Google? If not, then your future patients won’t even know that your dental practice exists. Instead, they’ll book an appointment with another dentist!

The question here is: How can you get your dental practice showing up on the first page of Google?
In this article, we’ll talk about our 7 Dental SEO Tips to get you ranked on top of Google. These are the same steps we use to get our dental SEO clients ranking on the first page of Google.

Step 1. Create a Mobile Responsive Website

First, you need to make sure that your website is responsive and accessible across all devices. That includes laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Google rewards mobile responsive websites with higher rankings. Before doing anything else, make sure that your website is highly responsive. This is an easy win.
Create a Mobile Responsive Website

If it’s not responsive, you may want to consider Zivvy’s dental website design services to create a responsive website for your practice that can be easily visible on all devices and also search-engine friendly.

Step 2. Optimize Your Website Content for Target Keywords

It’s critical that your website has different landing pages for each of the different procedures that you provide.

For example, if you’re a general dentist that offers cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, and orthodontics, then you’ll want to create pages on your website for each of those services. The same applies if you’re a periodontist–you should have separate pages for each of your specific procedures.

And then, it’s important to make sure that these sub-pages are linked up properly on your website, so that both visitors and search engines can find it easily.

The next step is to optimize these pages for target keywords. First, you need to identify the keywords that people are searching for – and then you need to include those keywords into the content of your pages. Specifically, the most important places to incorporate keywords are in the title tag, header, and the body text copy of these pages.

Optimize Your Website Content for Target Keywords

For example, if you’re a dentist in San Diego, your patients will search for you using keywords like “dentist San Diego” or “San Diego dentist.” That’s why you need to make sure that the word “dentist” and the word “San Diego” are in the title, header, and text copy of your homepage. By the same token, if you’re also offering Invisalign services, then you need to have an Invisalign page optimized for target keywords.

In addition, you also want to make sure that your contact information is easily found on your website. Specifically, you should include your practice Name, Address, and Phone number — known as your “NAP” — in the footer of each of your pages.

By doing so, you’re giving your website a chance to show up in Google when prospects are searching for you. But there are still a few more steps in order to rank higher up above your competitors in Google!

Step 3. Claim and Optimize your Google My Business profile

In order to show up in Google’s local map listings, you need to have a verified Google My Business (GMB) profile. When filling out your GMB profile, you must select the proper categories, complete the description field, and add images to your profile. Also, make sure that you’ve correctly filled out the rest of the details on the profile.

Claim and Optimize your Google My Business profile

And if you have multiple locations, make sure that you have a Google My Business profile for each location.

Creating your GMB profile is a necessary step to rank in Google’s local results.

Step 4. Ask Your Patients for Reviews

Reviews are an important factor of Google’s local search engine algorithm. If you can get more reviews than your competitors, you can gain better rankings above the rest.

Ask Your Patients for Reviews

People generally don’t take the time to write reviews and testimonials for services they’re happy with unless encouraged. So be sure to ask your patients to add a Google review about your dental practice.

Step 5. Get Listed in Local Online Directories

In addition to your Google profile, it’s important that you get your dental practice listed on all of the other local directories online, such as Yellow pages, Yelp,, etc.

Get Listed in Local Online Directories

By getting your business listed, and using accurate NAP information across your listings, you communicate to Google that your practice is a real, trustworthy practice. Each time your NAP is located on a website, this counts as a “citation” for your practice. The more citations you have, the higher your practice will rank in Google local search results.

Step 6. Use Press Releases to Promote Your practice.

The next step is to promote your dental website to continue to generate new citations and links to your websites.

One promotion method in particular that we recommend for dentists is online press releases. By publishing press releases, you can build even more citations for your practice. When done properly, a single press release can generate up to 200 citations for your practice!

We recommend that you get consistent with press releases so that you are regularly announcing and promoting news about your practice. For example, you can promote new services, seasonal offers, new hires, new office locations etc.

Step 7. Track Your Results

Finally, make sure to track your results. You’ll want to be tracking your keywords, traffic, and conversions from SEO on a regular basis. That way, you’ll know what’s working and you’ll also identify your areas for improvement. Tracking is the only way to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Need help with your dental marketing?

Zivvy is one of the leading SEO and digital marketing firms in California working exclusively with dentists to boost their online presence and organic rankings on Google. Our goal is not just to put on the first page of Google but to translate this into real results by doubling your website traffic and increasing your New Patients and your bottom line.

Get in touch with us today and one of our dental marketing experts will be able to draft an effective dental marketing strategy for your practice. Give us a call at 408-915-5571 or simply send us an email and we will respond right away.

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