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Our San Diego SEO experts have seen almost every kind of website out there, from websites owned by multi-million dollar corporations to those owned by small businesses, individuals, and start-up companies. We can help you rank higher in your industry, too!

How Can We Help Your Business

Our Seo Team Will Do Full Analysis of Your Website

When designing a new website, you need to build it with your target audience in mind. Our San Diego SEO professionals at Zivvy will start your SEO campaign by conducting an in depth analysis of your website using the guidelines set forth by Google. Our team uses the latest technology to get a 360 degree overview of your website performance so that we can identify key areas for improvement.

San Diego SEO Website Analysis

Google is the most popular search engine with 8 out of 10 users conducting their search queries on Google daily. This shows how important it is to keep your website fully optimized with fresh content. Google has many different factors when it comes to evaluating the quality of websites and determining their rankings. Our San Diego SEO experts at Zivvy use Google’s guidelines to analyze your website to understand what needs to be improved in order to compete for first page placement under target keywords. Our specialists will focus on the three main factors set forth by Google such as engagement, page speed and user experience.

Engaging SEO Content

The layout of your website can make it easy or difficult for users to find what they’re looking for. Your website needs to be structured in a way that makes it easy to navigate. One of Google’s ranking signals is how long users stay on a certain page, whether or not they clicked on other pages in your website, how much time they spend on each internal page on your website. Each page on your website has to be structured with clear and proper meta descriptions, clear headers, and active backlinks to other high authority websites.

Also, the text on your website needs to be keyword rich with relevant targeted keywords that you wish to rank for. Another factor is how engaging and informative your content is and how many times users share your content.

Having authoritative pages and text while including relevant keywords makes it more likely that your users will stay on your page. Creating engaging content means ensuring all media files, blog posts, and images attracts the user’s attention.

Industry-Specific Keyword Research

Most users conduct their search queries in a very specific way. For example, the last time you did a search query and got a bunch of irrelevant results meant that you had to go back and type a more specific long keyword to get exactly what you want. The same goes for keywords. If you’re not using keywords that are relevant to your business and specific to your services, you probably won’t have much success getting organic leads from Google.

Short-tail keywords are a specific type of keyword phrase which consists of three words and are broad in nature such as “San Diego plumber” while long tail keywords usually consist of 4 words or more and they are considered very specific in their nature because they are used by people looking for a specific type of service. An example of this would be “San Diego criminal defense attorney” or “California immigration attorney student visa.”

At Zivvy, we help all sorts of businesses by starting any SEO campaign with in-depth keyword research to identify how their target audience is searching for them and how their competition is getting traffic. We build our strategies based on real human behavior online so we can direct these potential users to your website.

On-Site Optimization

Creating a properly-optimized website strategy is a two-step process. The first step is the technical factor which needs to be incorporated in your SEO efforts since it’s one of Google’s ranking signals. The second step is that your website design and layout has to be engaging for humans (not just robots) since you’re targeting actual users with your website. Our San Diego SEO team uses these factors to boost your website rankings and increase your overall conversion rate.

Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, and Headers

Meta descriptions and title tags are used to explain to users the topic of your webpage and what it’s all about. Each page on your website should have title tags and meta descriptions that are specific to that exact page. Our San Diego SEO team will also incorporate target keywords in your meta descriptions and title tags which makes it easier for google to crawl your website.

Niche-Specific Link Building

One of the important factors when it comes to off-site SEO is building backlinks. Our San Diego SEO experts will utilize multiple link-building techniques in your SEO campaign to propel your SEO efforts.

Customized Content for your Business

Have you heard of the saying, “Content is king?” Well…it’s true! Think about it. Have you ever visited a website and immediately left because of poor or lacking content? The same goes for your clients. If they land on your website and can’t find what they’re looking for, they are bound to go to your competitors’ websites. You need to create engaging, concise and informative content to keep your users interested in reading and perhaps sharing this content with their network. At the same time, your content has to have your target keywords in it which is important if you want to rank for these keywords on Google.

The most important factor here is making engaging and enticing content so that users would want to share it. When your content gets shared, it will not only get you backlinks but also affirm your name as an authority in the business and that is something that Google values greatly when it comes to ranking websites.

Google evaluates all these factors when determining your website ranking. The more rich your content, the higher your website will rank on Google and that will translate into more visitors and more sales. Plain and simple.

Tailored Reporting

Generating data is an important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. You can use the data to gather information about user behavior on your website and perhaps expand your business products or services. There many key performance indicators to evaluate how effective you marketing campaign is. Our San Diego SEO team collects data to identify key areas of improvement and what needs to be changed to improve your campaign. We can also determine customer preferences in each target market since customer behaviour changes so rapidly and that can affect how the structure of your campaign should be.

Action Plans

Our first step is identifying your ideal customers and the most effective ways to reach your target audience based on their online search behaviour. Once we gain the proper insight into your customer behaviour, we can optimize your conversion rate. This process involves making changes and adjustments to the structure of your website in terms of design, layout, and content. This practice will result in maximizing your leads and customers from your website.


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SEO specialists with over 15 years of experience!

The world is ever changing and things now are not the same as 10 years ago. The same goes for digital marketing. Our team has been there since the start of Google when SEO was simple. But now it’s not as easy as it used to be and digital marketing has become more and more complicated. When making the decision to hire a digital marketing agency in San Diego, you need to factor in their experience in the industry. We have seen and implemented all types of website and marketing strategies. Our team at Zivvy has the know-how of planning things ahead. It all has come as a result of thousands of hours marketing experience.


In-House Team. Nothing Outsourced Overseas

We value the human factor at Zivvy and we believe in the power of strong communication between small and diversified teams. At the same time, we think a successful project begins and ends with effective communication between our team and our clients and that’s how we build strong relationships with our clients over the years. We don’t cut corners and keep our entire team in-house without outsourcing any tasks to third parties offshore. The best creations are always with teams that work together in one place and that’s our commitment to our clients.


Data Monitoring

When you track your campaign data, it allows you to make adjustments by observing which parts of your SEO campaign are doing well and which ones need more work. Our San Diego SEO services all come with detailed monthly reports which enables our clients to see the effectiveness of our SEO services on their search engine rankings and overall performance.


Consistent Performance

At Zivvy, we have a strong commitment to high standards when it comes to the quality of the SEO services we provide. Our portfolio of highly successful campaigns speaks for itself and we pride ourselves with what we’ve achieved for our clients. We treat your business like our own and we have built not only successful campaigns but great relationships with our clients and our growing list of testimonials tells the story. Call our San Diego SEO team at Zivvy today!