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If you need to increase the leads to your business, maximize conversions, and improve your online presence, then building a new website is the most important step that you can take. Having a poorly outdated website can cause you to lose business opportunities. Whether you’re a startup company or an established one, your website should be your number one sales tool.

Zivvy is a full-service website design agency which means that we can offer you a full website design solution, from inception to launch. We are a proven San Diego website design company and working with an experienced agency like Zivvy is a great choice for anyone that wants to improve their online presence and get the quality and attention that every business deserves.

How important is it to design a new website?

When you hire a website design agency in San Diego you get to have the expertise of a dedicated design team that covers all the design aspects of a project from the initial concept to the launching phase. However, the design itself, while very important, is not the only aspect of a website design process. That’s why we will outline the important areas of site design below:


User Experience

The user experience is the look and feel that any user experiences while on a website, it contains the design elements such as the overall design, images, and effects. This is the first impression that a user gets when landing on the homepage of your website. This aspect is very important because it can make or break the first impression of your potential clients. From the first impression of your website either they get hooked and stay on your website or leave the website quickly.



Once someone arrives at your website, your first goal is to convert that user into a lead or a subscriber if your goal is to collect an email list or a sale. If your goal is to sell your products online, the idea is to add this user to your funnel. When you are working with an experienced website design company like Zivvy, you will be able to set goals, and then use data-driven analysis to maximize your conversions.


Content and SEO

When a user arrives at your site, they expect to find valuable content that provides them with answers to their questions and encourages them to do business with you by submitting an inquiry. In addition to this, good content is always rewarded by Google. Our experienced San Diego website design company has some of the best content writers in the industry and will write SEO friendly and keyword-rich content for your website that will not only impress users but also help your website rank high on Google.


Search Engine Ranking

When you build a new website your goal is to keep your existing clients happy and also earning more customers and to do that you need to keep SEO in mind when designing and building your website. The first step is to increase traffic to your website and that can happen in many ways but the most effective way is to rank higher on search engines under competitive keywords, at the same time Getting new business is not easy giving the competition online but if you have an impressive website then you can convert the traffic to leads and from leads to actual sales.

Our Proven Website Design Process

Many steps must be taken to build and launch your website, each with its deliverables and targets. When you work with an established San Diego website design agency like Zivvy, you can rest assured that we have a reliable infrastructure in place to design, build, and launch your new website on time without delays. Below are the top 3 steps that we take to launch your new website project:


This is the very first step in your project as you will be working closely with our designers to set goals and benchmarks for your design and content. Our design team can then start working off those goals to deliver your ideal website. We will start with some mockup designs and once you choose your preferred design, we will be able to implement the same theme across the rest of the website pages.

This phase will require revisions, changes, and ongoing modifications to bring your vision and the design team’s output to life. When you are satisfied with your website design you can approve it and the team can move on to programming.

Website Design Fresno
Website Design Fresno


Once you approve the designs and concept of your site, our teams will begin to create a functional website to bring these designs to life and create a seamless user experience that should help improve your conversions. During this phase, you will have a development link that has a functional demo of your website. This beta version of the website can be modified and cleared of any bugs to reach the best possible outcome.


The final step is launching your website by uploading your new website files to your hosting provider of choice and ensuring that all functionalities are working properly such as contact forms and chat widgets. Once we’re sure that your site is completed, we will hand you your admin credentials so that you can update your website with new content if needed.

Website Design Fresno


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What to Consider When Hiring a San Diego Web Design Company

There are many different factors to keep in mind when hiring a San Diego website design company. At Zivvy, we’re proud of our work and will be more than happy to discuss the main reasons why to choose us as your agency of choice during an initial conversation. However, the following are just a few reasons why Zivvy is a great choice for your San Diego web design needs.



Zivvy has over a decade of website design experience and we have worked with all types of businesses from mom and pop shops to fortune 500 companies. We’re not just in website design but also in many disciplines in digital marketing which gives us the edge over any agency in San Diego. We have one of the best and most experienced design and content writing teams in California and you can view our portfolio to check the quality of our design work.


In-House Work

We believe in quality over anything else and that is what kept us in the business for so long. At Zivvy, we don’t outsource our work to offshore destinations. All our designers, programmers, and content writers are in-house so that you can expect a high level of quality and accountability for every service that you receive from us, including website design.



Our results speak for themselves. We work with many clients in many different industries and locations, and all are happy to share our results with you. When we launch a professional website with a great design, rich content, and all other benefits that a user expects, people must be able to find your website. When you work with Zivvy, you can be certain that we are focusing on maximizing your San Diego seo efforts to get your website ranked high on Google so you can ultimately translate your web presence into increased leads and boosted revenues.

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If you’re looking for a proven, professional, and trustworthy website design company in San Diego, then look no further as Zivvy simply checks all the boxes to be your partner of choice. When you contact our team, we will be able to offer you a no-obligation consultation and we will speak with you in detail about your vision and your goals and how we can work together to achieve them. When you contact Zivvy, we will be able to draft a comprehensive strategy for your business’s online presence.