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Are you searching for the most effective Portland SEO services that actually work? Then, you’re in the right place! We have ranked thousands of keywords on the first page of Google under competitive keywords. We also know that the one thing most small businesses are looking for is to increase their inbound leads and conversions and the best and most cost-effective way to do is through Portland SEO.

Our Portland SEO services have successfully ranked thousands of keywords on page one of the major search engines. By ranking highly competitive, high traffic volume keywords on the top positions on Google, our client’s conversions increased tremendously and the sales often times exceed their expectations. There is simply no better way to growing your company, than by ranking in the top positions Google through Portland SEO.

Everyone knows how effective SEO is and that it’s by far the best marketing strategy to generate leads through search engines like Google, however, hiring the best Portland SEO company is the first and most important step in your successful journey. More often than not many Portland SEO agencies would promise their clients results and end up not delivering any and that’s why it has become more difficult to choose the right SEO partner for your business that can actually deliver.

At Zivvy we have the right expertise and tools to help you dominate your competition we can dominate your competition and we have done so for many businesses across the country. With thousands of keywords ranked on page one on Google under our belt, we have the confidence that we can do the same for your business and help you double your revenues.

Whether your goal is to target local traffic or national, commercial jobs or residential ones we can help you choose the right and most relevant keywords to target. Our dedicated keywords research team will do the research needed to choose the right keywords for your business in terms of competitiveness and traffic volume.

After choosing the right keywords to target for your website the next step is to rank those keywords on the highest possible positions on the search engines in order to start seeing traction and visibility. Giving how important mobile search is we also target the top 3 positions on Google my business snack pack so give you the chance to rank twice on Google’s first page through organic and local search.

The reason why it’s important to rank on the first page of Google let alone the top 3 positions on Google my business is because most users don’t scroll down past the page 1 and businesses that rank high on the search results page tend to get a larger share of impressions and clicks hence more sales conversions.

At the same time users tend to favor to the websites at the top of the search results page which also increases the trust and credibility in your brand.

Expert SEO Keywords Research

Keyword strategy consists of two main types of keywords, long tail keywords and short tail keywords. The long tail usually consists of 3 or more words while the short tail is either one or two words. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages depending on your end goal whether you’re looking for impressions and brand awareness or looking to narrow down the searches in order to get targeted traffic looking for what you’re offering or selling. When building an SEO plan it’s important to combine both types in order to get the best of your campaign between branding your name and also increasing your sales. For example, if a user is searching for the word “ SEO” they’re probably looking for information but if they search for “Portland SEO” then they probably are looking for a local Portland SEO agency.

Our Portland SEO team will start by analyzing your current website’s traffic and Google rankings. If we find that your website ranks well for some of the money terms than we will double down on that by making sure that your website remains on the first page of Google while boosting your website to the top. We will also come up with some of the keywords that you don’t rank for but your competitors do and reverse engineer that to your benefit making sure that you rank for the best possible keywords to increase your website’s traffic. Our ultimate goal is to increase the added value of the keywords used for your website marketing.

On-Site Optimizations

Do your potential visitors stay on your website, share it, and find it easy to navigate? Or do they leave your website to visit your competitors’ sites? If that’s the case, then we need to analyze why. There are two types of optimization: On-site and Off-site. On-site optimization is when SEO experts optimize your website to boost your rankings on Google.

We will analyze each page on your website, taking into account everything that can be viewed by potential visitors. Off-site SEO is when our Portland SEO team helps other websites link back to your website such as social media accounts, third-party blogs, third-party articles, and online directories. No marketing strategy is complete without taking off-site and on-site optimization into consideration.

There are multiple aspects to think about when optimizing your website. First, make sure that the headers are correct and include your target keywords. Our Portland SEO team will optimize your H1, H2, H3, and H4 headers and organize your website pages. Organizing your headers help users understand your page and navigate it easier. Meta descriptions are important because they let users know what to expect from your page before clicking on it. At the same time, having a clear title tag makes your page more attractive to users.

Link Building Outreach

Our Portland SEO company will do the research to find and acquire the most qualified backlinks with high domain authority which can link back to your website. Our team specializes in identifying the best link opportunities for your website which helps in increasing your website’s domain authority and search engine rankings.

Similar to any other marketing practices, there are right ways and wrong ways to do SEO for your website and one of the most important strategies is link building. Our Portland SEO team uses white hat techniques that Google endorses, along with other optimization best practices. We follow Google guidelines in SEO meaning that for your website to rank high on the search engine results pages, it needs to be descriptive, informative, and easy to navigate.

One of the ranking factors that Google evaluates is your website backlinks and it rates your website based on your backlink profile. Linking to other websites with high domain authority such as government websites, popular blogs, and niche specific websites improves your ranking on Google. Building links is all about building a respected community around your website in the eyes of Google so you will not just benefit from improved rankings on search engines but also from incoming traffic from those links. The traffic from backlinks is usually from people more interested in reading your blog and learning more about your business since you’ve already established yourself as an authority in your field.

Tailored Content for your website:

The difference in how users interact with websites have changed online over time.

Mobile users now are more likely to buy a product or a service from their mobile device right away. The main reason for this is that websites now are mobile optimized which makes it easier for users to navigate websites on their mobile devices and make purchasing decisions.

Another important factor is page speed which is extremely important in mobile browsing. This is because users have about five seconds to land on your website and decide whether or not they want to continue browsing. If your web page loads slowly they’re likely to leave your website which means losing this traffic to your competitors who are more optimized.

Also, users now evaluate your website differently than before. They are more likely to visit your website and your social media accounts, and compare your products and services to your competitors websites before making a purchase decision.

You should always make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for on your website, which means finding answers to their questions in an easy and concise way. The easier the process is, the more likely you are going to convert these visitors into actual customers and sales whether they’re searching on their desktops or mobile devices.

Our SEO Portland team will make it a priority to create content that meets the needs of mobile and desktop users by using concisely written content that is descriptive and answers users’ questions. At the same time, our content writing team will provide users with enough content to make it a no brainer for them to make an informed decision about your products and services.

Transparent Reporting

Our Portland SEO team will start any SEO campaign with the proper analysis in order to make sure that we’re not making guesses and that every decision is driven by detailed research.

We will analyze your current search engine rankings, traffic bounce rates, and conversion rates which are important factors in SEO rankings. Our team evaluates your website’s performance using multiple metrics such as:

Call tracking

Website analytics

Conversion rates

Keyword rankings

The main goal of an SEO campaign is to rank your website number one on Google search results and the most important way to evaluate how well your website is performing is by analyzing:

How many clicks your website received from organic rankings over certain periods of time which enables our Portland SEO team to evaluate the impact of our SEO strategy.

How many times your website was viewed by potential searchers using your target keywords which is called “impressions.” This information can be used to identify key areas that need adjustment in your SEO strategy. The goal is to have your website exposed to as many users as possible using strategically targeted keywords. The more website impressions you get, the more clicks to your website calls-to-action, and that translates to more conversions.

There are two popular online tools that can be used to measure website performance. The first one is Google Search Console which measures your website’s interaction with other websites and the other one is Google Analytics which is responsible for analysing how users interact with your website. Both are extremely important in measuring your website performance.

One of the most important performance metrics is conversation rate which is a key performance indicator for your website. Conversion tracking can track phone calls coming from your organic rankings and also how many calls received from customers who clicked on the call icon on your Google My Business profile. This metric can help you understand your ROI from SEO.


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Why Choose Our Portland SEO Services?


SEO specialists with over 15 years of experience!

The world is ever changing and things now are not the same as 10 years ago. The same goes for digital marketing. Our team has been there since the start of Google when SEO was simple. But now it’s not as easy as it used to be and digital marketing has become more and more complicated. When making the decision to hire a digital marketing agency in Portland, you need to factor in their experience in the industry. We have seen and implemented all types of website and marketing strategies. Our team at Zivvy has the know-how of planning things ahead. It all has come as a result of thousands of hours marketing experience.


In-House Team. Nothing Outsourced Overseas

We value the human factor at Zivvy and we believe in the power of strong communication between small and diversified teams. At the same time, we think a successful project begins and ends with effective communication between our team and our clients and that’s how we build strong relationships with our clients over the years. We don’t cut corners and keep our entire team in-house without outsourcing any tasks to third parties offshore. The best creations are always with teams that work together in one place and that’s our commitment to our clients.


Data Monitoring

When you track your campaign data, it allows you to make adjustments by observing which parts of your SEO campaign are doing well and which ones need more work. Our Portland SEO services all come with detailed monthly reports which enables our clients to see the effectiveness of our SEO services on their search engine rankings and overall performance..


Consistent Performance

At Zivvy, we have a strong commitment to high standards when it comes to the quality of the SEO services we provide. Our portfolio of highly successful campaigns speaks for itself and we pride ourselves with what we’ve achieved for our clients. We treat your business like our own and we have built not only successful campaigns but great relationships with our clients and our growing list of testimonials tells the story. Call our Portland SEO team at Zivvy today!