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If you’re currently in the market for a website design company in Los Angeles then look no further than Zivvy, one of the top website design companies in Los Angeles with tremendous experience in designing websites that SELL.

Partnering with the right website design agency is not easy as there are many companies out there to choose from. However you need to work with a website design agency that has experience in your field and knows how to build impressive websites that convert.

Building a modern looking and effective website is no longer optional. That’s why your competitors are always trying to improve their websites and overall online presence and your business should do the same to stay on top of your game. You also need to consider a few factors when it comes to building a new website, such as attractive design, easy navigation and valuable content. Your website should also work as a lead generation tool for your business not just a business card. Otherwise you will risk losing your advertising dollars by sending traffic to an outdated website or a simple social media page which is not enough

If your goal is to increase your inbound leads and online sales, your first step is having a website that can compete with your local competitors and add credibility to your business.

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Our Los Angeles digital marketing team has a variety of skills ranging between SEO, content writing, paid advertising, social media marketing and website design. We create effective professional websites for your business that work well with your digital marketing strategy. Our design process also helps increase your search engine rankings and beat your competition. But it all starts with a great website that SELLS!

At Zivvy we will accommodate your budget and that’s why all our pricing points are affordable for almost every business without breaking the bank. Our design team will focus on building a website that boosts your conversions to make sure that whenever a user lands on your website they can take action (Call To Action).

Our Proven Web Design Process

The following points will explain our design process from start to finish starting from the initial research to the launch phase. We will take care of every detail no matter how small and will make sure that you will be very satisfied with the outcome of your new website project.


We start with the initial analysis of your current web presence so that we can pinpoint the key aspects including the important issues that need to be addressed first as well as setting benchmarks. We will also assess the status of your competitors to identify the best practices that can be used to your favor. This analysis will give us an overview of where we stand and what our unified goals are.

Website Design Fresno
Website Design Fresno


As soon as the analysis phase is done, we will start the strategy phase by taking the key takeaways from analysis and putting together a detailed plan to help our design team in the implementation process. This plan will include our goals, benchmarks and deliverables to make sure that your team and ours are on the same page. Our Los Angeles website design team will work closely with you to always keep you informed every step of the way so that our design strategy can complement your digital marketing plans.


The design phase is when we combine UI/UX which is user interface and user experience. The user interface is how users will use the website in terms of navigation and finding what they’re looking for on your website while user experience is the look and feel of your website and the way users will perceive it from a design standpoint like visual effects, images etc. Both elements are very important to your website’s performance. The design goal is usually to drive more conversions by improving how users will interact and perceive your website’s look, feel and content, so eventually they can fill out an inquiry form, call your business, or send an email.

Website Design Fresno
Website Design Fresno


The Launch is when we’re finished with everything and we get your final approval to bring your website to life. We will upload all your website files to your hosting provider and hand over the username and passwords of your new website so that you can update your content whenever you like. At the same time, we will run a quick review of your website to make sure all chat widgets and submission forms are working properly.


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