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Our results speak for themselves. We have helped hundreds of clients in Los Angeles to rank on Position1 for some of their most competitive keywords! We can do the same for your business!

Our results speak for themselves. We have helped hundreds of clients in Los Angeles to rank on Position1 for some of their most competitive keywords! We can do the same for your business!

Our Seo Specialists Will Do A Full Analysis For Your Website

The first step when creating an SEO roadmap for your business is understanding where your website stands compared to the competition and against Google’s guidelines. Our Los Angeles SEO experts do a full analysis of your website to target the starting points of your SEO plan along with comparing your website to your competition. Once we establish a clear understanding of where your site currently stands compared to your competition, we will be able to set your SEO goals and benchmarks to build on.

We go above and beyond traditional SEO measures by making sure that every detail in your plan is in place. We not only provide you with the web traffic and sales that your business needs to grow but also get you the best out of your budget without breaking the bank.

Niche-Specific Keywords research done by our experts

Creating good keywords research is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign, they can either lead to wrong targeting or huge profits from SEO. They also help understanding user behavior and indications especially if you’re looking to use the right keywords to target your local Los Angeles customers. If you are the best plumber in Los Angeles, then it’s understandable that people looking up “best plumbers LA” should be able to find your site. But what about people who are searching for “emergency plumber in LA” or “plumbing service in Los Angeles?”

When our team works on creating content for your website they make sure it’s benchmarked against Google’s guidelines. Google also makes sure that your web pages have the right and relevant keywords to these search queries in order to determine you’re ranking in the SERP. By crafting content that is keyword rich and with the right keyword repetition we simply give Google the signal that it’s looking to improve your ranking on Google.

Once we start our extensive research, we can choose the right keywords to incorporate into your Los Angeles SEO. From there, we will begin to develop both short-tail and long-tail keywords designed to bring qualified traffic to your site. 

On-Page Optimization

Your website is your first impression and how you showcase your products and services in front of your prospective customers. There are many different factors that go into a properly-functioning website, and we check all of them to make sure that our Los Angeles SEO efforts are not in vain. Hiring a Los Angeles SEO company for your website content is one thing, but we are here to give you a 360 degree overview and make sure that you are able to benefit from your new website traffic efficiently and effectively.

Expert Link Building Outreach

Link building is the practice of linking your website to other high authority websites which gives your website high domain rating showing Google that you’re a credible authority in your field. You website should encourage connectivity with other websites that means that one of the most important components of a good website is having outbound links that leads to other reputable sites that your users may choose to engage with. This does not mean that you need to, or should, link to your competitors, but providing sources for statistics, research by educational institutes or other information to augment your own content is a great indication that you care about the quality of your site.

In addition to outbound links, Google likes to see that there are many “backlinks” for a website, meaning that there are other reputable websites that direct traffic back to you. This is another easy way for the bots to assume that you are an upstanding contributor to your industry and that other companies rely on you for information and guidance.

Fully Optimized Content for your website

Content is the core of any successful SEO campaign and that’s why you must be able to provide informative and high-quality content to your audience. When users visit your website, they expect to find answers to their questions through useful content. At the same time, your content confirms the reliability of your business. For example, if someone is looking for a “plumber in Los Angeles” but finds electrical information on your website, they will be confused and leave your website. Also, a plumbing website filled with spelling mistakes and incomplete information will likely make you lose traffic.

When Google bots crawl your website, they look for those types of spelling errors. Poorly structured pages without headers and subheaders will also result in a drop in your website ranking.

Our in-house content writing team at our Los Angeles SEO firm uses thorough analysis in researching, writing, and formatting your website in a way that makes it simple for both readers and Google.

Transparent Reporting

One of the most significant benefits of digital marketing is having the ability to customize data reporting for nearly every aspect of your marketing campaign.

Our Los Angeles SEO team will work on your campaign to understand which data is the most important for your business and customize your reports to give you a fully accurate overview of your campaign performance.

One of the major benefits of working with a Los Angeles SEO company is that you have access to a team of experts in multiple disciplines, including SEO reporting. With our data tracking sources and tools, we can make quick adjustments to your Los Angeles SEO campaign to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign and provide your expected targeted traffic.


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Why Choose Our Los Angeles SEO Services?


SEO Specialists With Over 15 Years of Experience! 

The world is ever changing and things now are not the same as 10 years ago. The same goes for digital marketing. Our team has been there since the start of Google when SEO was simple. But now it’s not as easy as it used to be and digital marketing has become more and more complicated. When making the decision to hire a digital marketing agency in Los Angeles, you need to factor in their experience in the industry. We have seen and implemented all types of website and marketing strategies. Our team at Zivvy has the know-how of planning things ahead. It all has come as a result of thousands of hours marketing experience.


In-House Team. Nothing Outsourced Overseas

We value the human factor at Zivvy and we believe in the power of strong communication between small and diversified teams. At the same time, we think a successful project begins and ends with effective communication between our team and our clients and that’s how we build strong relationships with our clients over the years. We don’t cut corners and keep our entire team in-house without outsourcing any tasks to third parties offshore. The best creations are always with teams that work together in one place and that’s our commitment to our clients.


Data Monitoring

When you track your campaign data, it allows you to make adjustments by observing which parts of your SEO campaign are doing well and which ones need more work. Our Los Angeles SEO services all come with detailed monthly reports which enables our clients to see the effectiveness of our SEO services on their search engine rankings and overall performance..


Consistent Performance

At Zivvy, we have a strong commitment to high standards when it comes to the quality of the SEO services we provide. Our portfolio of highly successful campaigns speaks for itself and we pride ourselves with what we’ve achieved for our clients. We treat your business like our own and we have built not only successful campaigns but great relationships with our clients and our growing list of testimonials tells the story. Call our Los Angeles SEO team at Zivvy today!