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If you’re looking to build a new website or simply revamp your current site, then look no further than Zivvy, one of the Long Beach premier website design companies. We have a tremendous experience in all digital marketing disciplines including website design and development. If your goal is to increase your traffic and convert more leads, then you need to have a great online presence. A great online presence starts with a great website that is not only impressive looking but also works as a lead generation tool for your business. You can create effective digital marketing plans and spend thousands of dollars of your hard earned money, but in the end, if your website doesn’t convert then your marketing budget is pretty much wasted.

When you have a website that is well designed and users can easily navigate through it and can find what they’re looking for with ease, then you can rest assured that you will increase the number of your inbound inquiries. Think of your website as your sales agent, if it doesn’t look credible and add value for the users, then your lead flow will decrease. Also, just having a great looking design isn’t enough; you need to have great content that can add value and keep your customers coming back. Also, having keyword rich content can boost your Google rankings and that is another important factor to help boost your online sales and lead generation through organic traffic.

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Our Long Beach website design team has a wide variety of skills and they unite their efforts to create a professional website and a digital marketing campaign for your business. We can also help you rank higher on search engines by adding quality keyword rich content to your website that Google loves. With an impeccable website, you will be better able to convert your organic traffic into leads and eventually more sales.

We also provide effective solutions for every budget. That’s why we’re the preferred website design agency in Long Beach for local business owners. We’re happy to accommodate your budget and at the same time not compromise on the quality of your end product to produce a website that speaks volumes about your business and impresses your clients. A well-designed and structured website that has great content can keep your customers coming back and help you increase traffic and convert more sales…and at Zivvy we know exactly how to build such great websites!

Our 4 Phase Web Design Process

The following points will outline our website design process from start to finish so that you can get an idea of how our Long Beach website design team works and also assure you that we care about every detail during this process to create the website that you’ve always wanted for your business.


The first step is our initial analysis and gathering data about everything as we assess your current online presence in general. We will also perform comprehensive research about your target market and competitors to understand more about their best practices along with which issues that we need to address first. This analysis will give our team proper insight into your main focus areas and what your goals are so that we move on to the next phase which is the strategy phase.

Website Design Fresno
Website Design Fresno


Once the analysis is finished our Long Beach website design team will begin the strategy phase by taking the findings from our research and analysis and forming a unified strategy between our design team and your company. This strategy will include our unified goals, benchmarks and deliverables as our team will keep you looped in on every step of the way to ensure complete transparency at the same time coming up with the proper message for your website to match the rest of our marketing channels.


Once the strategy is set, then the wheel will be in motion to start to build your actual website and our Long Beach website design team will start focusing on multiple areas such as UI and UX (user interface and user experience). The user interface is the look and feel of your website and what your customers see when they land on your website while user experience is how users will use your website and how easy it is for them to find the information they’re looking for. Combining both aspects the right way can make or break a website experience and we at Zivvy have built many websites before and we know exactly how UI/UX works to ensure that your customers get the best experience on your website so we can boost conversions.

Website Design Fresno
Website Design Fresno


The launch phase is the final step to bring your website live once we get your final approval. We will upload your website files to the hosting provider of your choice, and if you don’t have one we can recommend one for you then do a quick scan to ensure that everything on your website works properly like chat widgets and chat box. As soon as the website is officially launched, we will hand over your proper login credential to you so that you can update your website content whenever you like. We also advise our clients to blast an email to their existing client list announcing their new website launch.


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