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Orthodontist Website DesignImpress your potential patients and referring dentists with a beautiful website that generates leads

Website Design for Orthodontists

The way people approach dental health care has now evolved. Instead of heading to the nearest practice, they search the Internet first. They look at the orthodontic treatments they offer, prices (if available), and patients’ reviews.

You can make this behavior work in your favor. When people look for orthodontists online, you just needto make sure they can see you. This is possible through digital marketing. Before you can do search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertisements, however, you need to have a website.

Websites are virtual storefronts: how people perceive your website can affect their perception of your practice. You can invest in the latest technology and offer state-of-the-art orthodontic appliances, but if your website looks amateurish and basic, your audience might have a hard time believing what you’re offering. Conversely, if your website has a premium look and feel, people are more likely to be convinced of your expertise.

For industries where first impressions matter (orthodontics being a fine example), a well-designed website will be instrumental in earning people’s trust. Zivvy can produce one for your practice.

We have a good grasp of visual design qualities that impress orthodontic patients:

  1. Pleasing color schemes (formal yet inviting)
  2. Appropriate graphics and images
  3. Smooth user interface (UI)
  4. Sensible page layout
  5. Informative content about your orthodontic services
  6. Easy-to-spot contact information


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Our Design Strategies for Orthodontist Websites


Creative custom designs

Our designers keep these in mind when designing your website. At the same time, they incorporate your practice’s brand into the design, from the atmosphere you want to project (e.g., child-friendly, casually welcoming, or professional) to the colors in your logo. In customizing your website, we make it an accurate representation of your practice and a promising online marketing tool.


A quick turnaround

Zivvy designs orthodontist websites that inspire trust: an essential factor that gets patients to sit in your chair.


Open and regular communications

Obtain a website that mirrors your core values as an orthodontic practice. You can let it do the talking when you’re busy treating your patients. More importantly, you can use it to boost your online marketing, get more calls, and getmore people to come to your practice.


Reliable customer service

Our website design process for orthodontists begins with an in-depth discussion of your practice’s core values. We ask about your practice’s history, your staff, patient profile, and customer service approach. We want to understand your practice’s motivations so we can translate them into the design and make them part and parcel of your online marketing message.

Choose Our Orthodontist Web Design Experts

Experience the full benefits of a website by hiring professionals to design and build one for your practice.

Zivvy’s web design team boasts of creative, skilled, and knowledgeable web designers adept at using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other web design tools and software. We are also proficient at HTML and CSS coding. We can implement premium features on your website so you can maximize its potential as both marketing and lead gathering tool.

Leave the designing of your practice’s website to our capable hands. Get in touch with Zivvy today and claim your free consultation with our web designers.

What Our Clients
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Increase in organic traffic

Chris Abel

A1 Garage Doors / Managing Director

Dental Office SEO
Zivvy’s expertise has brought exponential growth to our company. One site saw a 700% traffic increase. Zivvy succeeded in delivering what they promised and then some as opposed to other companies whom we’ve worked with in the past that fell short. They have a great team and are very responsive. I would highly recommend their digital marketing services!