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SEO for Oral Surgeons: An Overview

Oral surgeons reportedly have the heaviest caseload compared to other dental specialists in the country. If you agree, then you must also spend most of your hours performing surgeries or consulting with patients and general dentists.

When you have such a busy daily schedule, you might need help with your marketing. Take things up a notch and do more than the traditional handing out of flyers by the sidewalk. Go digital with your marketing and engage in search engine optimization or SEO instead.

SEO is a collection of on-page and off-page practices that aims to bring your website to the first page of the search engine results pages (SERPs):

  1. Link building
  2. On-page keyword integration
  3. Silo creation
  4. XML sitemap creation
  5. Schema markup updates
  6. Content marketing

By boosting your online visibility, your practice can become the top choice for patients and general dentists looking for specialists in oral surgery.

A specific group of people can benefit from your expertise, and SEO makes it so that they can find you when they need your care.


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How Can SEO Benefit Your Oral Surgery Practice?

Increasing your online visibility is just one of the benefits SEO can bring to your surgical practice. Ranking and landing on Top 1 of the SERPs, however, is not the end-goal; increasing your bottom line is. An expertly executed SEO strategy can:


Increase your practice’s revenue

The more cost-effective way of marketing your specialized services, therefore, is to define your ideal audience and make sure your practice (website) is front and center when they search on the Internet.


Get more referrals from general dentists

Casting your net wide and blasting your marketing message to everyone, including those who don’t need your services, is a waste of time and money. It also stretches your marketing resources thin because you’ll end up trying to appeal to a large population who are on different stages of the conversion funnel.


Drive traffic to your website

The most important SEO has over traditional marketing is you can target your audience and focus your marketing efforts on people who’re most likely to become your patrons.


Grow your practice

With this approach, you can save money, maximize your marketing, and get a higher investment return rate.

How Can SEO Benefit Your Oral Surgery Practice?

The success of an SEO campaign depends on the expertise and knowledge of the people executing its strategies. As such, you must choose an SEO company that can navigate the ever-changing digital marketing environment and guide your campaign to success.   

Zivvy can be that company for you. We have smart and innovative SEO specialists, and our methods are research-based. You can rest assured that your site ranking and overall marketing efforts won’t suffer as a result of careless guesswork.

You can look forward to a pleasant and rewarding experience with Zivvy:

  1. Complimentary site audit, consultation, and quote
  2. Custom SEO strategies for your oral surgery practice
  3. Regular reporting
  4. Back-end website monitoring and maintenance
  5. Stellar customer service

Make your oral surgery services known throughout your city and the neighboring areas through SEO. Claim your free consultation with Zivvy today.

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