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Law Firm Website DesignOur team of web designers will help you tailor your website to attract and convert new clients

Optimized Website Design for Law Firms

Your website acts as your legal practice’s digital storefront. When people visit it, they already have an idea of what they’re looking for. A messy and hard to navigate website will have them backtracking to the previous page, so make website design an essential factor of your digital marketing strategy.

With Zivvy’s help, we’ll make sure your website reflects the professionalism of your brick and mortar office. Our team will see this happen through a simple design that is easy to navigate with digestible information that entices them to stay longer.


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What Your Law Firm Gets from
Our Website Design Solutions

With law over saturated with talent, you must stand out with your services and reputation. To do this in the digital sphere, you need a website that goes beyond aesthetic appeal. Good and purposeful website design shapes your website into a portal that attracts visitors, encourages them to stay, and makes it easier for you to convert them into clients.


Improve User Experience with Good Design

To convert visitors into clients, they need to find value in what your law firm is offering. Your website acts as your representative online. As such, it should have relevant information that addresses pertinent issues in your industry. A good website design combines textural, visual, and aural content in a way that is attractive and informative. This design technique improves the overall user experience which improves conversion and retention rates.


Foster Engagement through Accessibility

The biggest advantage a website has over a brick and mortar office lies in its accessibility. The limitation of “office hours” is an inconvenience that is solved by technology. With a website, your law firm can entertain several potential clients at any time of the day. The informative content you publish gives them insight on how to approach their problem. This can encourage them to contact you for a consultation or even hire you to be their representative.


Strengthen SEO with Consistency

When a website looks old and disorganized, it lacks professionalism. As a law firm, you need to present yourself in a manner that reflects your reputation in and out of the courtroom. Consistent design throughout your website boosts your law firm’s digital credibility and strengthens SEO efforts. When search engines find value in your website, they rank you higher in the search results, which is the goal of your SEO campaign.

Zivvy: Custom Website Design for Law Firms

Law firms offer valuable services that should be accessible to all. Making it easier for people to find your firm online makes this goal achievable. With several digital solutions available, finding the ones that suit your needs can be difficult. Zivvy, as a digital marketing expert, tailors digital marketing services to boost your performance online.

We conduct comprehensive research on your firm and the industry to determine the best course of action for your campaign. Part of this is a website that is optimized to attract, engage, and retain potential clients. You can trust us with your digital marketing campaign so you can focus on your core business.

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Increase in organic traffic

Chris Abel

A1 Garage Doors / Managing Director

Dental Office SEO
Zivvy’s expertise has brought exponential growth to our company. One site saw a 700% traffic increase. Zivvy succeeded in delivering what they promised and then some as opposed to other companies whom we’ve worked with in the past that fell short. They have a great team and are very responsive. I would highly recommend their digital marketing services!