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Digital Marketing for Law Firms

While traditional marketing methods still exist, more law firms are turning towards digital platforms to reach the wider audience searching for the best online. As a provider of an important service, you need to be visible and accessible to help people.

Digital marketing for law firms, when successfully executed, results in two scenarios: (1) you attract visitors who can be converted and retained as clients; and (2) you attract new talent who can join your firm.

Give your firm an advantage and invest in a digital marketing strategy that highlights your strengths and positions it as a reputable business. From publishing relevant industry insights to leveraging social media as an accessible platform for engagement, you can stay ahead of the competition by optimizing your digital presence.


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What Your Law Firm Gets from Digital Marketing

Law firms provide a valuable service that should be made available to everyone. However, phonebook ads and word of mouth are no longer sufficient. A comprehensive marketing campaign launched across multiple digital platforms is necessary to advertize your services. Here are the ways your law firm will benefit from professional digital marketing solutions:


Generate Leads by Expanding Your Digital Presence

Your credibility suffers when you are undiscoverable online. More than that, a lack of a digital presence limits the number of people who can learn about your firm. Fortunately, it’s a situation that can be resolved with the right digital marketing partner. When you expand your digital presence with our help—either through search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) ads—you draw leads to your website and making conversion more likely.


Improve Credibility by Managing Your Reputation

Since you deal with serious subject matters, it is important that you present yourself as a reputable law firm. Utilize reviews and testimonials on your site to that end. Additionally, as a service provider, your clients will have comments about your work. In asking your best clients for their opinion of your firm and publishing these on your website and social media pages, you can craft your brand to what you want it to be.


Address Common Problems by Analyzing Gathered Data

Digital marketing strategies are created based on comprehensive research that identifies your firm’s strengths, weaknesses, and the actions to take for both. The data gathered here can also be used to improve your services offline. It gives you additional insights into your industry and gives you the opportunity to create solutions that will position you as an authority.

Zivvy: Digital Marketing Solutions for Law Firms

Zivvy is a digital marketing services provider that has the resources and expertise to craft a campaign which works towards your business goals. Our research-based methodology hones in on the practices best suited to your law firm’s needs.

When you partner with us, you can trust us with your digital marketing campaign, so you can focus on your core business. As a results-driven agency, we will make sure that the techniques we implement are effective and present the best outcomes.

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Chris Abel

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Zivvy’s expertise has brought exponential growth to our company. One site saw a 700% traffic increase. Zivvy succeeded in delivering what they promised and then some as opposed to other companies whom we’ve worked with in the past that fell short. They have a great team and are very responsive. I would highly recommend their digital marketing services!