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Digital Marketing for Insurance Agents

Your specialized services protect individuals and businesses from financial loss. But personal connections and word-of-mouth can only get you so far in an industry where gaining and retaining new policyholders lies in your ability to attract the right type of client. Help others help themselves by adapting your insurance tactics to the changing insurance industry landscape; connect with potential clients online.

A smart and comprehensive digital marketing strategy will be able to market your insurance services to your target audience. From showing them the best options for their insurance coverage needs to displaying your credibility as a reliable policy provider, your digital presence is an important aspect of your future success in the insurance business.


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What Your Business Gets from Digital Marketing

Once you bring your door-to-door practices online, you’ll reach more people interested in being your policyholders. But you’ll still need to bridge the gap between your online presence and potential clients online. You’ll need a digital marketing strategy like ours that’s custom-made for your insurance company’s needs. How do we do it?


Generate and Convert Leads with Data and Analytics

Lead generation through search engines, social media, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising helps you identify potential clients. The data and analytics gathered from these platforms will clarify which of your products and services are attractive to your target audience. In creating your digital marketing campaign to reflect these findings, you’ll drive high-quality traffic towards your website.


Improve Credibility through Search Engine Ranking

As more consumers use Google to find the products and services they want, it is vital that your company shows up on the first page of search results. Companies that rank low or are not even part of the search results will most likely be ignored by consumers. An undiscoverable digital presence gives the impression of unreliability and works against your credibility as an insurance agent.A digital marketing campaign that has strong search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will help you rise in Google’s rankings. Through carefully selected and crafted keywords, you optimize your website’s content to position yourself as an authority in your industry. This will improve your searchability and credibility.


Personalize Interactions with Potential Policyholders

As a personal subject matter, insurance agents need to interact with their targeted audience. Digital marketing techniques work towards this goal. These days, there are several ways you can reach your audience without having to meet them in person. With email and social media campaigns, you can engage with your audience on a platform that is more convenient for them.

Zivvy: Your Partner in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is beneficial for many industries, and even more so for those that offer specialized services like yours. In order to utilize this powerful marketing tool for your insurance company, invest in the right tools and resources. This is where industry professionals like Zivvy come in.

As a digital marketing agency, we have the industry knowledge and technical expertise to create a strategy that is specific to your target audience. Zivvy will work with you to achieve your business goals through innovative digital solutions. You can trust us with your digital campaign as you turn your focus to your core practices.

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Zivvy’s expertise has brought exponential growth to our company. One site saw a 700% traffic increase. Zivvy succeeded in delivering what they promised and then some as opposed to other companies whom we’ve worked with in the past that fell short. They have a great team and are very responsive. I would highly recommend their digital marketing services!