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If you feel the need to build a new website or update your outdated website, then you need to work with Zivvy, an Indianapolis website design agency with over a decade of experience in building impressive and engaging websites for all types of businesses. When you hire Zivvy for your new website project, you’re not working with a single designer. You actually get the full expertise of designers, SEOs, analysts, and content writers who have been living and breathing digital marketing for years and will stop at nothing to achieve your marketing goals.

Whatever your goal is, whether it’s increasing leads, form submissions, or simply reaching new customers, we will do it all from A to Z. Read below to get a better idea of what services we offer and how can we be a good fit for your business. You can speak with one of Zivvy’s marketing specialists by claiming your free strategy call today. We would be more than happy to give you a detailed marketing plan that will boost your online presence and overall revenues.

Our Proven Website Design Process

The following is a general overview of our process with our clients as we build a world-class website.


Our first phase is starting the research process by identifying some key points such as your target market, your ideal audience, and your direct competition. The goal is for our Indianapolis website design team to find out what works for your competitors, and then reverse engineer it to your benefit. Also, part of our website design process is learning about your target audience including their behaviors online. This research helps us build you a website that can impress and engage your clients through design and content.

Website Design Fresno
Website Design Fresno

UX/UI Design

The design of a website can make or break your entire website project. It either impresses your customers or they will find your competitors. Any design consists of both the user experience and user interface. User experience refers to the overall look and feel that a visitor gets when they land on your website, such as how easy it is to find relevant information about your business or make contact with you. On the other hand, User interface design helps to enhance your users’ experience. This refers to the esthetics of your website more than how someone interacts with it.

Content Strategy

A great looking website is not enough to bring your target audience to your website. That’s why the SEO content writers at our Indianapolis website design company perform exhaustive research to find what your audience is looking for. With that information, we can then populate your content with related keywords to ultimately increase your number of visitors to your website. This also indicates to Google that you are a trustworthy and reputable source of information and that builds your authority online. This is known as Search Engine Optimization, and it is one of the things that our team at Zivvy excels at.

Website Design Fresno
Website Design Fresno


Once we get your approval of the website designs, we will begin to build your website with certain design elements in mind. One of the key features of any good design is not just looking impressive, but also having the ability to view the website on multiple devices. That’s why all our websites are mobile compatible giving your users the ability to surf your website on PCs, tablets and cell phones.

Once Google indexes your website, it will determine where the site will rank on its search pages. Google usually looks for multiple signals such as the quality of your content and the structure of your website, and a variety of other things which determine the entire score of your website. Our Indianapolis website design team will work to make sure that all these aspects are met and that your website has a high score with Google.


As soon as your website is launched, our Indianapolis website design team will keep monitoring the performance of your new website in order to achieve successful results. We will keep an eye on the functionality of your site to make sure that all your contact forms and live chat widgets are working well, and at the same time we will monitor your website traffic levels and do adjustments as we go.

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