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Indianapolis SEO Experts Will Audit Your Website

Any successful SEO campaign must start with a full in-depth website audit in order to identify what’s working well and what needs improvement Your website is what gives the first impression about your business to the users and it’s the first page that they land on. It’s important that your website has perfect navigation and SEO friendly content to convert those users into buyers.

From search engines to social media, people are finding your website, so you want to keep them interested in staying longer on your website. On top of that, you want to increase your website traffic coming from social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Our Indianapolis SEO experts will fully audit the contents, technical errors, and the navigation structure of your website as it currently is. The main aspect of any website audits are:

Page load speed

Mobile compatibility

The ability to find and fill out contact forms.

Content errors and navigation difficulty

Needless to say having a website that is easy to navigate is one of its most important features. Using an effective CMS (Content management system) is also one of the main aspects of improving your website with ease over time. The benefits are across the board, from managing your content (such as blogs and videos) to making it easier for users to complete transactions. A website that is easy to navigate improves engagement, sales, authority and of course search engine rankings, it helps not only users to navigate easily to make a buying decision but also helps Google bots to read and index your website much faster and easier.

Indianapolis SEO Keywords Research

Keyword research is an important first step and they come in two types, long-tail keywords, and short-tail keywords. Both types have their benefits and weaknesses and it’s important to use a combination of both in order to reach your ranking goals. Our Indianapolis SEO team will do a thorough keywords research related to your industry and also determine the best keywords working for your competitors.

You can also check for keywords on your own in an easy way which is to type a few keywords related to your industry and then scrolling to the bottom of Google’s search engine results page. There you will see a section that says “Searches related to” that can offer related keywords you can use. It’s important to know not only the type of keywords that are working to successfully bring visitors to your website, but which ones are working for your competitors. 

Industry Specific Link Building

Improving your website authority is a key component to driving traffic to your site. That means that you’re being regarded as an expert in the field. Our Indianapolis SEO link building team will do an organic outreach campaign to acquire links from websites and blogs with domain rating and authority to link back to your website. The more links your website gets the highest your authority will be and more authority means higher rankings on the search engine page results. Our Indianapolis SEO link building team has tremendous experience in acquiring quality links and based on extensive competition analysis we can determine our goal for link building order to increase your website ranking and traffic.

Custom Transparent Reporting

There are different types of data and they differentiate based on your type of industry. The private dental practice is going to have different needs than a plumbing business or a major online retailer.

Data is the only measure for success in any SEO campaign that’s why our Indianapolis SEO team created a custom reporting dashboard for our clients with very detailed reports to help you get hands-on your campaign and realize where your company stands right now compared to your goal. The more data we acquire the more accurate our next step will be.


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Why Choose Our Indianapolis SEO Services?


SEO Specialists With Over 15 Years of Experience!

The world is ever changing and things now are not the same as 10 years ago. The same goes for digital marketing. Our team has been there since the start of Google when SEO was simple. But now it’s not as easy as it used to be and digital marketing has become more and more complicated. When making the decision to hire a digital marketing agency in Indianapolis, you need to factor in their experience in the industry. We have seen and implemented all types of website and marketing strategies. Our team at Zivvy has the know-how of planning things ahead. It all has come as a result of thousands of hours marketing experience.


In-House Team. Nothing Outsourced Overseas

We value the human factor at Zivvy and we believe in the power of strong communication between small and diversified teams. At the same time, we think a successful project begins and ends with effective communication between our team and our clients and that’s how we build strong relationships with our clients over the years. We don’t cut corners and keep our entire team in-house without outsourcing any tasks to third parties offshore. The best creations are always with teams that work together in one place and that’s our commitment to our clients.


Data Monitoring

When you track your campaign data, it allows you to make adjustments by observing which parts of your SEO campaign are doing well and which ones need more work. Our Indianapolis SEO services all come with detailed monthly reports which enables our clients to see the effectiveness of our SEO services on their search engine rankings and overall performance..


Consistent Performance

At Zivvy, we have a strong commitment to high standards when it comes to the quality of the SEO services we provide. Our portfolio of highly successful campaigns speaks for itself and we pride ourselves with what we’ve achieved for our clients. We treat your business like our own and we have built not only successful campaigns but great relationships with our clients and our growing list of testimonials tells the story. Call our Indianapolis SEO team at Zivvy today!