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How to Generate Online Reviews for Your Dental Practice (and Why it’s Important)

How to Generate Online Reviews for Your Dental Practice (and Why it’s Important)

Did you know that most people check online reviews before they buy any product or service? Taking advantage of an online reputation by posting, which is crucial to success in today’s dental business environment, is not an easy task. How do you encourage your patients to leave feedback? More importantly, how do you get them to leave positive reviews? How do you get that steller five-star review?

You might think that happy patients will leave positive reviews and managing your dental online reputation is out of your control. Not so! When your practice uses a structured review system, you can earn more new patients to your website.

As a busy owner of a dental practice, where do you start with encouraging high-quality patient reviews? How do you motivate your patients to leave Google reviews or better, a personal recommendation? In this article we’ll help you learn how personal recommendations and positive feedback can positively affect your dental marketing strategy and how feedback will result in more engagement and ultimately more new patients.



Patient feedback is the bread and butter of your dental practice. What you need to know is that positive dental reviews online are highly motivated by a patient’s overall experience from the moment they walk into the clinic until the moment they leave. The more friendly and knowledgeable your dental practice staff is in delivering outstanding patient experience, the more positive online dental reviews you will get since your patients will feel compelled to leave one.

Patients who have a positive experience with your dental practice will feel compelled to leave positive feedback and five-star reviews. They will start to feel loyalty to your dental practice and will also refer to their friends and family. Dental reviews and collecting patients feedback will also give you the chance to correct any mistakes and improve your overall patient experience.



The most famous dental review websites are Google and Yelp. These dental reviews include the patient satisfaction rate and patients will talk about their experiences in your dental practice such as their waiting time, how clean the practice was, etc. Facebook also is a powerful tool when it comes to dental reviews online. These dental review sites are also a major factor in boosting your dental marketing.

Google: Google reviews appear on the Google My Business listing. Once you set up your Google My Business profile, patients will be able to leave reviews and also read other reviews from past patients. When a potential patient does a search for a local dentist nearby, your profile will appear in the Google Map results. By appearing in the snack pack section (first 3 results) your website will get more visitors than your local competitors. Google is without a doubt the most important review platform for dentists.Google reviews also have a positive affect on your dental SEO.

Yelp: Yelp enables patients to relate their experience with a dental practice with just a click of a button. Yelp reviews give patients the confidence to book an appointment and lowers their doubts. Recent stats released by Yelp shows that positive reviews result in more than 20% call to action, that means more patients engaging with your practice. Therefore, positive business reviews on Yelp are extremely important to driving growth for your dental practice. Also displaying the Yelp badge on your website lets patients know that you have a profile there.
Interacting in a high-quality way with your patients will drive more positive responses from satisfied patients. Positive dental reviews drive more business your way.

Facebook: Facebook is the most famous social media platform on the planet because it appeals to people of all ages. The first way to encourage Facebook reviews is to make sure your business page is easy to find on Facebook. When patients find it hard to find or track your business page, they are more likely to quit. You can also reply to reviews on Facebook and show others that you care about your patients feedback whether it was positive or negative



In today’s world, most dental patients are too busy to spend the time writing a review online for your dental practice. That being said, most patients who have had a good experience with your practice are more likely to write up a positive review online. Let’s take a look at some tips that can help you encourage more patient reviews online.

Ask: Boosting positive reviews for your dental practice may seem complex, but it is really as simple as asking for them. You can ask your patients for their feedback through email requests or online review websites such as Google, Yelp, or Facebook.

Use Keywords: Another useful way to take advantage of positive reviews is to find the recurring keywords of online customer reviews about your practice and add those to your content creation, treatment descriptions, and brand wording. When a potential patient is searching for a dentist, your dental practice is more likely to show up. Examples of such keywords are “ Best dentist in Brooklyn NY” or “Top rated dentist near me” so make sure to include these keywords in your dental SEO strategy.

Benefit from feedback: Using feedback from online reviews to improve your practice is the best way to create a better brand. You can use feedback to resolve issues and identify what patients love so that you can fix what is wrong and improve more on what they like. Patients trust online reviews,that’s why you need to use the feedback to position your dental practice for positive patient reviews.

Engage with patients: Engaging with your patients about their experiences by replying to their ratings of your practice makes them feel heard and valued. When patients leave positive online reviews, make sure to thank them for their confidence in your practice, ask for their valuable feedback on what could be better, also highlight a change that happens because of their feedback – any interaction you do with your patients shows them that you care. Never overlook when patients leave positive reviews.

Highlight Positive Reviews: You can highlight positive reviews and patient feedback on your website to boost your credibility. Many dental practices utilize this by featuring reviews on their website’s homepage. This can surely have a great influence on your conversion rates. There are many tools to help you display reviews on your site too or simply ask your web developer to implement this on your website.

Review websites: As mentioned before, online review sites are a massive tool for local dental practices. Using review sites is very useful especially for new dental practices that are looking to build their online reputation, since they will manage your digital reputation and also solicit further reviews, not to mention the positive effect on your dental SEO and your overall dental marketing.

Patient surveys: Using online surveys gives you an accurate, statistical measurement of patient experiences. You can send survey requests by emails to your patients right after a visit so they can evaluate their experience.



It’s inevitable that in the process of asking for feedback that you will get some poor reviews from patients. In the dental business a single bad review can affect your practice’s online reputation and cost you new potential patients. When you get a bad review from a patient don’t panic. Here is what you can do to handle the situation to your benefit.

• Keep a positive attitude when engaging with the reviewer.
• Respond right away since this will show the reviewer that you care. Keep in mind that a fast response is best so don’t let that bad review sit there on your online space.
• Always apologize for any bad experience they’ve had with your practice. By doing so, you are validating their feelings and making them feel heard and appreciated.
• Offer a solution to their problem. Explain to them how you will correct the issue, whether it is to offer them a free treatment on their next visit or any sort of special offer. Make sure your patients feel that you’re doing your best to satisfy them and retain their business. .
• Make sure to use their feedback to correct any issues, especially when you see a trend.


You need to accept the fact that you can’t stop negative reviews because,well, you don’t own the online space, but you can minimize the damage by using this information to better your practice and ultimately offer your patients an outstanding experience.

Online reviews have a great impact on how your potential patients perceive your dental practice. They’re the way to win new patients and retain your own. You’re losing potential business when you don’t have a steller strategy to boost your online reputation or at least make an effort to improve it.

Finally, prioritizing feedback and online reviews is a proven way to drive traffic to your website, where those visits can convert to new patients. There is a strong link between online reviews and search engine results, so don’t waste time and start implementing these tips right away to boost your dental marketing strategy and ultimately win and retain patients.

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