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Google Ads For Dentists: Triple Your New Patients to Your Practice with Dental Google Ads


Google Ads shows your online ads to prospective patients looking for dental services using the keywords you have selected to bid on. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

There are many benefits for dentists when advertising on the Google Ads platform. You know how many users clicked on your ad and by setting up conversion tracking you can calculate how many of those who clicked on your ad scheduled an appointment with your practice. It also gives you the opportunity to control your monthly ad budget and a bunch of other personalization settings that Google Ads offer.

Here are Our Top Strategies for Dentists Advertising on Google.

1. Bid on Location-Specific Keywords

As a dental marketing agency, we understand how important location specific keywords.

Bid on location-specific keywords such as dentist Spring Tx or Essex County dentist depending upon your local area.

These are high-intent searches so that you can drive high-quality leads at lower costs. And most people go to dentists near them.

The cost per click for these keywords is usually low also, these are high intent keywords so you can use them to drive high-quality traffic at a low cost since most people look for a dentist in their local area.

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Google will also pick up your business information like location, phone number, and reviews from your Google my business listing so make sure your information is updated there before bidding on local keywords.

2. Bid on Emergency Keywords

A lot of people have dental emergencies and will search for emergency keywords such as “emergency dentist Brooklyn Ny” or “Urgent tooth extraction near me.” Much like the location keywords, the cost per click will be low and the buying intent is high which makes it perfect for your ad campaign.



3. Use Demographic Targeting

Google Ads let you target your audience using the demographic information of users. By using these options, you can refine your targeting and run a more effective campaign. For example, if you’re offering expensive dental treatments, you can target high-income families. This targeting technique better allows your ads to be more relevant to the users and boosts your quality score which means driving more qualified traffic at a lower cost per click.

4. Use the Call Extension

Make sure to provide many ways for prospective patients to call your office.  One way to do this is to use a Google Ads Call Extension to provide a click-to-call option for users. When users see this clickable button, they will feel compelled to call right away. They can still visit your website and learn more about your practice before calling your office.

5.Run Call-Only Ads for Mobile Users

Most searches are happening now on mobile and much like the call extension, call-only ads provide your prospective patients a way to click on your ad and get connected to your office directly. Call ads campaigns are made specifically for mobile users on the go who don’t want to waste time browsing through websites.

6. Show Your Ads on Google Maps

Running your ads on Google Maps is a great way to target those customers who are already looking for directions to the nearest dentists.



When you enable this option, your ad runs on the top of organic results which a prominent spot to show your ads. By enabling this option along with the map direction button, it becomes much easier for your prospective patients to contact you.

To run ads on Google Maps you need to enable the location extension in the settings of your Google Ads account.

7. Use Long Tail Keywords for Voice Searches

Voice searches for dentists generate high-intent long-tail keywords like:

“Where to get teeth whitening Harris County Tx”

“How much do dental implants cost”

“Best dental clinic in Brooklyn”

The number of searches for these types of keywords may be low but they serve as high intent keywords and bring high-quality prospective patients to your practice.

8. Use Bid Adjustments

Your dental practice is a local business and relies on local patients which is why the conversions will decrease as the distance between the searcher and your practice increases.

By using bid adjustments, you can control the distance where your ads are shown. You can increase your bids for nearby locations to make sure your ad appears for the closest prospective patients to your clinic.

Zivvy uses all the relevant Google Ads options to increase your practice’s website visits significantly and reduce ad costs.

9. Create Optimized Landing Pages

If you’re not using call-only ads, you need to create a landing page for each ad group based on how you structure your campaign.

The landing page should provide the patient with information very specific to the ad and has a clear call-to-action (CTA). Your CTA can be either be making a phone call or booking an appointment online which means that you need to integrate an appointment calendar on your landing page,

You should also provide click-to-call functionality on the mobile version of the landing page for mobile visitors to be able to call your practice.

10. Work with an Expert Dental Marketing Agency

Driving new patients to your practice is crucial for the financial health of your dental practice but as a dentist, you don’t have the time nor the expertise to run successful marketing campaigns that won’t waste your hard-earned dollars.  That’s why it’s important to retain the services of a professional dental marketing agency to guarantee success from day one.

Zivvy is a full-service dental marketing agency offering a wide range of services tailored to every dentist’s needs to help you fill in your schedule and keep a steady flow of new patients coming through your door.

Give us a call or email us today for a free assessment about growing your dental practice using Google Ads and other forms of digital marketing.

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Walid is the head of acquisition and client success at Zivvy, he has over 12 years of experience in helping businesses expand and grow. He’s also the author of multiple digital marketing articles which can be found on this blog and also LinkedIn.

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