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Our Fresno Website Design Process


Our Fresno website design team will start with a full analysis of your existing website and overall web presence in order to build an effective website that dominates Google search engine results pages. We have spent years evaluating every single aspect of website performance and some of the key factors that we analyze are:

  • Page and images loading speed of each web page.
  • Reviewing your current website security
  • Checking the mobile compatibility of your website
  • How optimized is your website content for SEO.

Once our Fresno website design team finalizes our full analysis, we will have two options to move forward which is either designing a new website or updating your current one. Our next step is performing market research In order to identify your target audience and who your perfect customer is and also your target demographic area.

Also, our Fresno website design team will do keyword research to find out the most popular keywords that your customers are using to find your services on Google and also which keywords are working well for your competitors.

Website Design Fresno
Website Design Fresno


Our next step right after finishing the full analysis of your web presence is to prepare a comprehensive strategy and present you with suggestions in order to identify the areas that we need to focus on to achieve the best return on investment. If the plan is building a brand new website from scratch then our Fresno website design team will explain the features needed for your new website in order to be competitive in your industry. On the other hand, if we’re going to work on improving your existing site then we can suggest key areas that need improvements and changes in order to attract more traffic and boost conversions. The main goal for our Fresno website design services is to increase your engagement, lower the bounce rate, and drive more qualified traffic to your website that can turn into actual leads. Our Fresno website design team will combine both good design and SEO optimized content that is also well researched to build a great website for your business.


The next phase right after creating the strategy is the implementation process. Our Fresno website design team will start by creating the UI or user interface which is the initial look and feel of your website. We will also create the structure and navigation of your web pages and how to fit in the content in order to create a winning user experience. The goal is to create a winning website that will not only impress visitors with a great-looking design but also make it easy to navigate not to mention be SEO-friendly.

Our Fresno website design team will also choose the best images that fit your industry and can add a portfolio gallery of before and after high-resolution pictures that show how good your company is at what it does. This feature can benefit contractors, photographers, dentists, orthodontists, cosmetic surgeons, and more. Once we combine the design layout, structure, and content, we can begin to show you a rough version of how your website will initially look and feel.

Website Design Fresno
Website Design Fresno


Once our Fresno website design team creates the initial design for your website, we will present a mock-up or a first draft of it for your approval.  You can either approve it or request changes. The mockup is a version of your website similar to a live version of it and it will give you the same user experience as if it was live online. At this stage, you can give feedback to the Fresno website design team and our team will implement any changes that you recommended.

After the design of your website is approved, we will move on to the final phase which is the development or functionality of the site.  You will also be able to give us feedback during this process as well.  After final approval, we will then upload your new website files to your hosting of choice and your website will be officially online!

Benefits of Building a new website

Having a website for your business is no longer an option giving how important internet marketing has become. Having just a facebook page or a Google my business page for your website is not enough and can’t offer you the same value that you get when having your own business website.

Website design in Fresno CA can be challenging if you’re new to online marketing especially if your business has a special nature like selling products online or if your customers are required to book your services online.
Having a new website for your business can offer your business a great deal of benefits such as:

Web Presence

Having a website means that your customers have access to your business 24/7, which means that your website can earn new customers at any time during the day. When you offer your potential customers the information that they’re looking for it builds up your credibility with them which encourages them to make contact with you. Your new website can simply earn you new business while you’re sleeping and our website design services in Fresno CA can help you reach this level.


Nowadays any reputable business has a website, in fact in today’s world not having a website is like not having a phone number or an address for your business and that can drive customers away. Having a website simply makes your business stand out and builds its credibility. Your website can have all the contact information about your business, it also tells the story of why your business is better than your competitors and what makes it different. You can also book customers directly from your contact page and more importantly your website allows you to share positive reviews and testimonials from your past customers explaining how good your service was. In certain industries such as healthcare, interior design or renovations you can post before and after pictures of your work. Our website design in Fresno CA can custom build your website to match your specific needs and creates a layout that’s attractive to your target audience.

Cutting Cost

If you’re in ecommerce you can sell your products and services online directly from your website without having the need to have a physical store. That alone can save you a bundle on wages, rent and the hassle that it comes with. Our Fresno website design services have built many ecommerce websites which enable you to sell directly online using platforms such as shopify.

Customer Service

Your website is not just a sales tool or a business card for your business it can also be used as your customer service point of contact with your customers. Your existing customers can contact you through your contact form directly and you can respond right away to their inquiries. Moreover, many companies now have the live chat option on their websites which enables you to respond to your customers in real time whether they have a problem with their order or simply want to place a new order. At Zivvy, we use live chat as one of our many options to communicate with our clients, and our Website design service in Fresno CA can do the same for you.

Beating your competitors

If you don’t have a website the chances are you’re missing out on a large number of potential customers who are currently as we speak searching for your products and services. All this traffic will simply go to your competitors websites since yours is non existent. We help companies like yours in Fresno,CA with their website design needs that keeps them ahead of their competitors and not missing a single visitor.

Search engine ranking

When you have a website you can rank it on search engines such as Google using search engine optimization. Ranking higher on search engines does not only bring you new customers everyday but also boosts your credibility with potential users. Your website can bring you a ton of leads and keeps your schedule busy with new leads everyday if it’s search engine friendly. At Zivvy we’re not just experts in website design in Fresno CA but we’re also one of the top SEO companies in California and we can help you build a search engine friendly website that ranks higher in search engines making it a lead generation machine.


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Why Choose Our Fresno Website Design Services


Over 10 years Of Website Design Experience

Our Fresno website design team in Fresno, California has over 15 years of digital marketing experience. At Zivvy, we’ve helped both small businesses and large corporations to achieve their website design goals which eventually resulted in boosted rankings on Google search results. Almost every type of business can benefit from our excellent website design skills and experience. We are the leaders in Fresno website design and digital marketing and we’re here to help you grow your business online.


Mobile Responsive Designs

Everything has gone mobile and your new website should be no different. Not only is it a must for your website to be mobile responsive, it’s also one of the most important factors of ranking websites on search engine results. Google will reward websites that are mobile-friendly and our Fresno website design team knows this very well. That is why we will create a fully optimized mobile version of your new website that will make it much easier for users to navigate through on their tablets and cell phones and also get you ranked higher on Google.


SEO Friendly

It’s not enough for your website just to look great. It’s also a must to make sure that it is search engine friendly by implementing the proper structure to make it easier for search engines to navigate your website. Our Fresno website design team understands this very well which is why all our websites are search engine friendly and rank high on search engine results. After all, this is the end goal of building a new website which is to rank higher, get you noticed, and attract more clients.


Content Ready & Extended Revisions

Our Fresno website design team will create brand new and fresh content for your new website that is not only well written but also keyword-rich. This is the kind of content that Google likes in order to boost your rankings on the search engine results pages. You will have ample opportunity to suggest revisions as we are developing your website so that in the end, you’ll have a brand new website that you and your clients will love.

Get in touch with Zivvy’s website design team today to claim your Free No-Obligation consultation and speak with one of our senior designers about your new website project. We will discuss your goals and budget and will offer you a complementary plan that fits both.