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Every successful SEO campaign has to start with a fully detailed analysis for your website in order to compare it with the standards set forth by Google. Our Fresno SEO team will do the needed site audit in order to fully understand your site structure, attributes, and content.  A successful website must always optimize towards its target audience in terms of content and landing pages. It’s a well-known fact that websites that attract higher traffic levels and keep visitors on their pages longer tend to rank higher on search engines. Also, companies that own successful websites will always outperform their competitors with websites that don’t rank as highly. We always want to think outside the box and come up with fresh and measurable SEO solutions to grow your business.

At Zivvy, our Fresno SEO specialists have seen all types of websites and campaigns during their years in the field. From small businesses with an eye on growth to multi-million dollar corporations, our specialists start by getting to know you, your company, and your goals. How much traffic does your website generate? Are you planning on expanding your present website? Our specialists will begin your campaign by thoroughly analyzing your company’s website.

SEO Keyword Research Done By Our Experts

After evaluating your website and the type of industry that you operate in, we move on to evaluating your competitors’ websites and keywords in order to identify what’s working for them and reverse engineer it for your SEO campaign. We can come up with different keywords starting between 10 to 30 keywords per plan to ensure that you don’t miss out on any “money terms” in order to increase your traffic levels.

These keywords come in two types: short-tail keywords, which contain no more than three words, and long-tail keywords, which are four or more words. These generally correspond to what people actually type into search bars. An example of a short-tail keyword is “personal injury lawyer.” A long-tail keyword would be “Fresno motorcycle personal injury lawyer.” Research has shown that long-tail keywords are associated with users who are looking to purchase a product or a service. The more specific the keyword phrase, the most likely they are ready to buy.

The information architecture combines both long-tail and short-tail keywords on your home page, and then more specific long-term keywords will be on other pages, as the relevant content gets more specific. This is where the SEO magic of keywords proves itself — think of keywords as phrases that connect to your target community. By ranking higher, your target audience members have a good chance of finding you. The only way to do this successfully is by embracing sound, proven SEO techniques, and abiding by all of Google’s rules.

On-Site Optimizations

Our Fresno SEO team will focus on 3 main aspects when doing a full on-site optimization for your website, load speed, navigation, and content. If you visited a website before and it wasn’t loading as fast as it should then you probably bounced back and that’s what must be avoided with your website. We will make sure that each page on your website has a fast loading speed to make it easier for GOOGLE to read and for your users to stay on it. We will also ensure that your website has easy navigation for users and for Google to be able to index it without any issues or coding errors. Finally, we will craft great content that is keyword rich for each page on your website to help rank your website higher on Google search results and to also encourage users to make contact with you.

Organic Link Building

There are 3 types of link building that our Fresno SEO team will focus on:

Outbound Links: These are high-quality websites you link to in your content.

Backlinks: These are external links from outside websites and can be acquired using blog posts.

Internal links: These links connect different pages within your website.

Quality links that have good authority are websites with reputable owners. Websites owned by governments, libraries, universities, and professional organizations according to Google.

When these high authority websites mentions your website or link to it, it increases your rankings on Google. But you want your website to be mentioned on websites that are high in quality. Otherwise, Google may not think your website is reputable after all.

Keyword-Rich Content For Your Business Site

Good content is what keeps users interested in reading more about your business and it’s also a big factor in increasing your website popularity and ranking. This of it like this , if you get users from social and media and Google coming back to your website or your blog eventually they will make contact with you and request a quotation of make a purchase. Good content equals traffic and traffic equals leads.

Custom Reporting Tailored For Your Business!

With each company having its own unique needs, we tailor our reporting system to match your needs and goals. Roofing business will require different data from an online retailer that’s why our Fresno SEO team will custom build a reporting dashboard for you to match your SEO goals.

How can my business benefit from SEO?

A successful Fresno SEO campaign can increase the flow of your incoming leads and improve your conversion rate by improving your website ranking on search engines under target keywords. SEO in Fresno CA can be competitive since so many businesses realize the importance of ranking on Google. Using the right keywords can make a great impact on your SEO campaign and also creating useful content with targeted keywords can boost your rankings and also position your business as an authority.

Building a strong backlink profile can also boost your rankings since Google sees this practice as a vote of confidence especially if your link to other websites with high domain authority. Our SEO services in Fresno CA can help your business rank higher on search engines and increase your website traffic.
This is how our SEO service in Fresno, CA can improve your business:

How Long Does SEO Take?

SEO takes time. Like they say, it’s a marathon not a sprint and when starting an SEO campaign in Fresno, CA you should expect to wait a few months before seeing results. However, you should continue your SEO efforts to reach your desired results. There is a lot of work that goes into a Fresno SEO campaign like offsite SEO, on site SEO, link building and content wiring. All these techniques take time to reflect on your SEO performance. Some quick
on site fixes can show you some fast results but it usually takes 3 to 6 months to realize the full potential of your SEO campaign.


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Why Choose Our Fresno SEO Services?


SEO specialists with over 15 years of experience!

The world is ever changing and things now are not the same as 10 years ago. The same goes for digital marketing. Our team has been there since the start of Google when SEO was simple. But now it’s not as easy as it used to be and digital marketing has become more and more complicated. When making the decision to hire a digital marketing agency in Fresno, you need to factor in their experience in the industry. We have seen and implemented all types of website and marketing strategies. Our team at Zivvy has the know-how of planning things ahead. It all has come as a result of thousands of hours marketing experience.


In-House Team. Nothing Outsourced Overseas

We value the human factor at Zivvy and we believe in the power of strong communication between small and diversified teams. At the same time, we think a successful project begins and ends with effective communication between our team and our clients and that’s how we build strong relationships with our clients over the years. We don’t cut corners and keep our entire team in-house without outsourcing any tasks to third parties offshore. The best creations are always with teams that work together in one place and that’s our commitment to our clients.


Data Monitoring

When you track your campaign data, it allows you to make adjustments by observing which parts of your SEO campaign are doing well and which ones need more work. Our Fresno SEO services all come with detailed monthly reports which enables our clients to see the effectiveness of our SEO services on their search engine rankings and overall performance.


Consistent Performance

At Zivvy, we have a strong commitment to high standards when it comes to the quality of the SEO services we provide. Our portfolio of highly successful campaigns speaks for itself and we pride ourselves with what we’ve achieved for our clients. We treat your business like our own and we have built not only successful campaigns but great relationships with our clients and our growing list of testimonials tells the story. Call our Fresno SEO team at Zivvy today!