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Paid online advertising for dentists drives targeted high quality patients to your practice and increases your online New Patients by over 3x.

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising for Dentists

A solid Google Ads campaign for dentists can bring in a significant amount of traffic to your site within a short period as it targets patients at the right time when looking for your services. Here is why our dentists love PPC ads:

Pinpoint Audience Targeting

Fast Results

More Conversions

Facebook Marketing For Dentists

A robust Facebook following can bring in more sales for your practice, but it doesn’t end there. As your followers become ambassadors of your brand, they share your posts (for free). With a solid dental Facebook marketing plan, the potential for your growth is limitless.

Target your exact audience

Promoted Posts

Precise Remarketing

Instagram Advertising for Dentists

Taking advantage of the visual effects of Instagram can increase your brand awareness. With the right targeted ads to your followers and target audience, you can easily drive New Patient appointments.

Increase Brand Awareness

Leverage Higher Engagement Rates

Enhanced Targeting

YouTube Marketing for Dentists

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Potential patients love watching videos to learn more about their desired treatment and that’s why advertising on YouTube can broaden your reach and build brand authority with your potential patients.


Highly Engaging

Quick Results


Zivvy is one of the Fastest Growing Dental Marketing Agencies in California and a Proud Partner Of:


Competition and Market Analysis

Our certified paid-advertising experts have run hundreds of successful campaigns using detailed analysis of local markets. That’s why we use data-driven analysis to collect information about your competitors so that we can understand potential users’ behavior and interests before creating a winning paid advertising campaign for your dental practice.

Campaign Strategy

The right strategy is the cornerstone of any successful dental advertising campaign. That’s why our next step is to create a highly effective dental paid-ads strategy, including designing and optimizing each ad while creating content based on information gathering, market analysis, and previous campaign performance.

Campaign Creation

Next, we create locally targeted campaigns to drive more new patients to your doorstep. Our PPC-for-dentists experts will optimize your ad presence to include multiple extensions in order to reach every possible new patient in your area and encourage them to book an appointment with you.

Landing Page Optimization

We create specific lead capture landing pages designed exclusively for dentists to ensure converting as many visits to new patients as possible. Our PPC-for-dentists experts will continue to monitor, adjust, and optimize your landing page to ensure the best user experience and the highest conversion rates.

A/B Testing & Optimization

As part of our optimization efforts, we do A/B campaign testing to ensure targeting the right audience and to identify which campaigns are bringing the highest conversions and best value for budget. We also optimize your budget to reach the lowest CPC and highest conversion rates.

Results Measurement & Reporting

We continue to monitor campaign performance and measure results against your local competitors to ensure that your practice is getting the best local market share. We also try to identify areas of improvement and to quickly implement them without delays. We have one of the most advanced 24/7 reporting dashboards which our clients can have access to to check on their performance at any time.


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Increase in Revenue

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Using Zivvy’s New Patient Booster Plan, this oral surgery practice with 5 locations in Texas has seen a whopping 223% increase in their number of online new patients and over 41% increase in revenue in 6 months.

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Using Zivvy’s New Patient Booster Plan, this oral surgery practice with 5 locations in Texas has seen a whopping 223% increase in their number of online new patients and over 41% increase in revenue in 6 months.




Dental Advertising

PPC for dentists is an online pay per click advertising method that helps you target potential patients based on their location and the keywords they type in search engines and their interests. PPC advertising for dentists helps your practice generate immediate results since these ads attract potential patients that are actively looking for dental treatments in your local area.

PPC marketing for dentists can increase your numbers of new patients by using targeted and focused ads. Here’s a few reasons why you need to incorporate PPC advertising in your dental marketing strategy:

  1. PPC ads are not affected by Google algorithms
  2. Helps you target high quality patients in real time. 
  3. You only pay for when your ad gets clicked on. 
  4. On going A/B testing of ads to ensure maximum conversion
  5. Continuously optimize and audit your ads as you see fit

Get in touch with us to launch your dental PPC campaigns and generate new patients fast

Our proprietary strategies are crafted by Doctors for Doctors and laser focused on increasing practice revenues. Hiring the right experts in Google AdWords for dentists can help you generate new high quality patients. Here is why you need Zivvy for managing a successful ad campaigns:

  1. Improved quality score while lowering your cost per click. 
  2. We do it all from initial analysis and creating strategies to initiating your campaigns and writing compelling ad copies for your landing pages
  3. We will guide you through the entire course of our business relationship from giving your access to our detailed 24/7 performance dashboard to assigning a dedicated account manager to your account. We believe in full transparency and we won’t keep you in the dark

Book a Free Marketing Assessment today for results-driven PPC campaigns!

The cost of dental PPC advertising depends on multiple factors including the search volume and competition of keywords, ad relevance and local area. It’s not easy to determine an exact cost without taking a deep dive into your campaign analysis first. 

Discuss your PPC goals with us, and we will help you understand how PPC for dentists work whether on Google or Facebook.

Your local area and your competition will have a high impact on your PPC budget. Contact us today, and we help you determine  the ideal budget for your PPC campaigns, 

On average your budget can be anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 per month, depending on the size of your dental practice and how fast you are looking to grow.