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Dental Marketing Strategies for PPO vs Fee-for-service Practices.

Dental Marketing Strategies
Dental Marketing Strategies

Many dentists and also some general marketers believe that dental marketing is just another form of marketing and all the usual marketing measures apply to it. More often than not many marketing professionals think that if one strategy worked for one practice that it would work for other practices. This is far from the truth, in fact any successful dental marketing plan relies on many factors such as:

• the type of dentistry,

• the location,

• the personality of the dentists and,

• the type of patients they are looking for.

Fee-for-service / High-end Practice

This type of dental practice puts a huge emphasis on patient testimonials in both video and written format along with case studies.

For this type of practice to succeed It is necessary to demonstrate, beyond the usual written words of content on a page, that you are offering something above & beyond to your patients.


You need to show your future patients what makes your practice different and what makes your treatment worth the extra dollars and that’s where video testimonials and case studies come into play.

Also, For this type of practice, SEO will be a key element in any dental marketing strategy. PPC campaigns are also important but to make it all work, the big focus should be more on the brand

PPO practice and/or General Dentistry:

This is the most usual and common type of dental practice. High-quality content is always a great asset to have but unlike Fee for Service practices it’s not as important.

PPC campaigns can play a great role here especially if you have an experienced dental marketing agency taking care of it.

General Dentistry

It’s also very important to offer all the information about which insurances you accept and at the same time explain that you’re still willing to see patients that are not in-network.

Your front desk staff has a key role here that goes beyond just scheduling appointments, your staff need to be highly trained and know how to communicate the value that your practice brings to patients.

Medicaid driven and/or lower-income areas:

Patients in these local areas can be easily motivated to book an appointment with your practice via traditional and digital marketing strategies such as paid ads on Google.


Google ads for dentistscan do pretty well for your practice in targeting those type of patients who don’t have the patience of time to do a tedious long research online for “the best dentist” and will simply feel inclined to book an appointment with the first dentist they see online

You can offer incentives such as giveaways and special offers to drive more eyeballs to your Google ads and make you stand out from the competition. All that of course while observing and respecting the Medicaid rules.

It’s still important to highlight the quality of your treatment and how well your staff treats patients even if you target the less lucrative patients. You can convey this message in your dental marketing strategy.

The Takeaway

No matter the type of practice you have, it’s highly recommended that any dental marketing strategy that you adopt should always include a few starting points such as:

• A cutting edge website that is mobile friendly.

• Having a lot of great Google Reviews. 50+ is a good start

• High quality photos of the practice and the staff that highlights the personality of the team. (This one is really crucial)

While there isn’t a general dental marketing plan that is applicable to every dental practice, the above three things are fundamentals. Every dental practice needs these steps to get started on the right foot for any marketing campaign to be effective.

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