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Using different types of content like videos, blog posts, and infographics can help educate your patients and provide value to your prospective patients. Content marketing can increase your number of New Patients and improve your rates of returning patients.

Content Marketing For Dentists

Content marketing for dentists can help your practice achieve 3X more new patients than any other marketing platform.

Over 80% of Americans are worried about visiting a dentist for the first time. Creating and delivering customized content to patients can help bridge the trust gap. As an experienced dental content marketing agency, we make sure that your content is ranked at the top of search engine results. But what makes our dental marketing strategies work for our doctors?

Dental Problem and Treatment Focused

Creating educational content for your patients that focuses on multiple common problems and treatments can help patients make their decision easier to visit your practice, not to mention building credibility and trust in the process.


Custom Content Strategy

No two practices are the same. That’s why we create fully customized content strategies tailored to your unique audience. This helps establish your brand and makes your practice stand out as an authority and a leader in the dental field in the eyes of your local patients.

Highly Engaging

Our social media marketing experts create highly-engaging content across all of your social media with both attractive images and videos to reach the highest engagement level with your audience. Social media posts with images and videos tend to get 3X more engagement than regular posts.

SEO For Dentists

Fully Optimized for SEO

Our content writers and SEO specialists work hand-in-hand to create educational content for your practice that not only educates and engages your audience but also to ranks high on search engine results. More content ranked on search engines equals more website traffic to your website which means more booked appointments.

Performance Reporting

We only put out content that works! That’s why we track and measure the success of our content marketing campaigns across all digital channels using key performance indicators to identify areas of improvements to ensure the highest success rates.

Promotional Content

We share and promote highly targeted content across all platforms. Promoting content can drive more targeted traffic to your dental website while converting more leads into patients.



We research everything, starting with your practice, local competition, target audience, and users' interest.


Our content marketing experts create ideas and strategies that complement the goals of your practice and offer value to your patients.


Our team of dental copywriters creates original and engaging content in different formats while enhancing the appeal of your content with visual effects


We maximize the performance of your content marketing campaign by constantly optimizing your content using our analytical tools to boost the shareability of your content.


We distribute your content across all of your social media channels and blog to increase your organic reach.

Tracking & Measurement

We analyze and track the engagement level of your content across all channels using our KPIs in order to develop an insight into your campaign’s performance.

Start climbing up the search engine rankings and watch your new patients numbers soar!

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