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Connect With Inactive Patients and Give Them a Reason to Come Back

Connect With Inactive Patients and Give Them a Reason to Come Back
Connect With Inactive Patients and Give Them a Reason to Come Back

It’s always great when dentists see new patients coming from their dental marketing effort. However, most dentists miss out on the opportunity to keep their previous patients coming back for more treatment. In fact, when done right, dental practices can generate a ton of revenue just from their previous patients.

The question here is: How to approach and reactivate inactive dental patients?

Some dentists fear trying to reactive inactive patients because they think that these patients have already started seeing another dentist. However, in some cases it could have nothing to do with you, after all, patients tend to drift away for various reasons.

The good news is that you can apply a few strategies to fill the cracks and keep your patients from leaving your office and increase patient loyalty.

Generally speaking, an inactive patient is someone who hasn’t scheduled an appointment in the past 18 months.

What is The Value of an Inactive Patient?

Some dentists might not give the proper value to an inactive patient which is an unfair assessment considering why they chose your practice in the first place. At the same any money that you spent on earning those patients before is now gone down the drain as soon as this patient leaves your office.

That’s why you need to have accurate data on each patient

  • The reason they choose your practice
  • How they found out about you
  • When they first scheduled
  • Their scheduling history
  • Any other related reasons for delaying treatment

Knowing these reasons why a patient may choose to “ghost” your practice can help salvage your relationship with this patient.

That’s where our strategy comes into play.

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Reach Out on a Personal Level

Proper communication can shorten the time between dental visits. It may surprise you to organize your inactive patients based on communication level quality and frequency.

You could find similarities between inactive patients based on how long it took to hear from you and the quality of communication they received from your office.

Reach Out on a Personal Level

Good communication is personal which means that generic, templated communication is delivering an impersonal message to your patients. Effective communication also takes time and needs intuition about the relationship of each patient with your office.

Reach out with a personalized message to inactive patients. When you do your homework on each patient, you’ll be able to make a connection to your dental practice such as a team member, they liked the most, their previous treatment goals, etc.

Once you find that connection, start by creating a brief message that indicates you know them and that they’re more just a number to you. You can remind them about their previous treatment goals or a personal reason for choosing your practice.

Personal gestures are remembered…maybe they’ll come back for treatment or provide a referral as a result of your personalized effort.

Keep Your Inactive Patients a List

Most dentists take the easy way out by deleting inactive patients from their database. But there’s another profitable option. Organize your inactive patient data and start working on routine communication through this list.

Keep Your Inactive Patients a List

Think of inactive patient data as a subscriber list. For example, not everyone who subscribes to a product or service’s mailing list purchases consistently.

Keep in contact with your inactive patients by new letters or emails about new offers or even a new blog post or content that they might find useful. Such content when sent on a regular basis can influence the decision of inactive patients to come back for dental services especially if your communication resonates with them.

They can be part of your current mailing list just like your regular patients and the more they see or hear from you the more likely they come back or even send you a referral.

Inactive Can Still Be Reachable

It’s to your advantage to have a system in place (preferably an automated one) that keeps inactive patients in the loop with your dental practice.

Here are some ideas on getting inactive patients engaging with your practice:

  • Use available data of inactive patients
  • Analyze the data
  • Organize the data for reactivation opportunities

Drive New Patients and Keep Them Coming Back

Driving new patients is as important as keeping them.  Otherwise, you will be losing their business. Your services have to be impeccable and your staff needs to be friendly and professional at all times in order to keep your patients’ coming back.

As a dentist, you need a system to generate new patients and keep them. That’s why at Zivvy, we specialize in helping dental practices generate 3X more new patients using our fully customizable dental marketing strategies tailored to your goals. At the same time, we teach practices how to keep their patients loyal to their practice and that alone can make a huge impact on your annual revenue. If you’re interested to learn more, go ahead and schedule a free assessment with our dental marketing experts and we’d be happy to help!

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