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Best SEO Strategies for Insurance Agents in 2021

Best SEO Strategies for Insurance Agents in 2021

Search engine optimization or SEO for insurance agents is all about making sure that your website is visible on the first page of search engines whenever someone is looking for insurance services. SEO can play a great factor in increasing your website’s traffic and win over new customers. The insurance business is very competitive and in order to stand out, you’ll need a strong SEO strategy to put you in front of customers as one of their top choices when they’re searching for insurance services. In this article, we’ll discuss our best SEO strategies for insurance agents that you can implement for your website.

Tip #1: Go for Long-Tail Keywords

Like we mentioned before, the insurance business is a very competitive space, especially online with almost every insurance company competing for the same major keywords. That’s why you need to target keywords that others are not targeting and can still bring you a decent amount of traffic. You can achieve first page placements in a shorter period of time if you target the right long-tail keywords. For example, if you target “auto insurance” or “car insurance.” You would be competing up against many of the top players in the insurance market including major insurance companies and brokerage houses. However, if you choose long-tail keywords such as “car insurance in Scottsdale Arizona” or “Scottsdale Arizona auto insurance,” you’ll find that you’ll achieve better rankings faster on search engines.

Go for Long-Tail Keywords

Tip #2: Create Informative Content

Content can play a vital role in your search engine rankings and high quality, informative blogs and articles can attract new traffic to your website and also keep users engaged which can boost your web presence. Thus, it’s increasingly important to ensure that you create high-quality content targeting your readers and offering them added value. This can be a very important signal for search engines when it comes to ranking websites on the search engine results. You also need to be consistent and keep posting high quality content on a regular basis to stay on top of the rankings.

Create Informative Content

Tip #3: Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media is no longer a place for people to hang out and stay in touch with friends and family. Business owners everywhere are taking advantage of the power of social media by using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google My Business to market their insurance businesses. Posting interesting videos and posts can attract users and help you build our brand, not to mention that social media profiles give you the chance to engage with your customers and reply directly to their questions.

Take Advantage of Social Media
You can create tutorials to attract clients, and then use links from your social profiles to help generate more traffic and boost your organic visibility on Google.

Tip #4: Optimize Your Website for Local Searchers

I know it’s tempting to target keywords like “Texas car insurance” or “New Jersey home insurance”. These are keywords that bring a lot of traffic. However, if you Google these keywords you will be competing against either government sites or big name insurance agencies like Progressive or Geico.

Optimize Your Website for Local Searchers

While you may be able to offer your services in many states, you can have greater success focusing on the city where your office is located.

Optimize your website for your local audience searching for insurance in your hometown (e.g. auto insurance Cincinnati, Louisville health insurance). This strategy may seem limiting, but in reality, the people who live right next to your office are more likely to buy from you since you’re local instead of dealing with another agency that’s hundreds of miles away.

Need Help with Your Insurance Website SEO?

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Need Help with Your Insurance Website SEO?
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