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8 Easy Tips to Boost Your Dental SEO in 2021

8 Easy Tips to Boost Your Dental SEO in 2021
8 Easy Tips to Boost Your Dental SEO in 2021

It’s not the easiest thing to have a fully optimized dental website. However it’s also not impossible to have one. Search engines like Google are always looking for websites that can deliver the best user experiencse such as relevancy and functionality. With that in mind there are some small changes that you can do to your dental website that can bring in great results and higher conversion rates.

1. Determine Your Target Keywords

Deciding on the right keywords for your business is the first step in optimizing your dental website. The more targeted keywords you have, the more chances you’ll have attracting qualified leads to your dental website.

Your first step is to think of what type of keywords you want your dental website to rank for. You can consider your top practice geographical areas as a starting point. You may also start thinking of what your usual patients type in Google to find a local dentist. If you need ideas, try using Google Suggestions in the search bar or at the bottom of the search page where you can see multiple related suggestions for keywords.

Determine Your Target Keywords

For example, a keyword like “dentist California” is a broad search term and it may drive unwanted traffic to your dental website, however this can be easily refined using Google suggestions at the bottom of the search page by finding more targeted search terms such as “Emergency dentist near me” or “cosmetic dentist in Sunnyvale, Ca”

The second step is to try and research these keywords on Google to make sure that they are in line with what your dental office offers. As soon as you come up with your initial list, go to Google’s Keywords search tool and check how often patients search for these keywords on Google when looking for a dental practice. This will give you a great idea of what keywords to target to bring in the most traffic to your dental website and drive qualified appointments to your calendar.

2. Add Keywords to Your Homepage

Make sure to populate your target keywords on the homepage of your dental website. This can be done by ensuring that your headline, subheaders, call to action, and the page content all use these keywords. The page headline must include the keywords that you wish to rank for such as the main area of expertise like “Family Dentist Sunnyvale”. Also the subheaders should be optimized with additional keywords too.

Add Keywords to Your Homepage

Also, your images, title tags and meta descriptions can play a big role in your dental SEO process because you can also optimize them with keywords.

In a nutshell, your home page must be totally geared towards your target keywords in order to rank your dental website on the first page of Google for these keywords.

3. Do Your Competition Analysis

Once your keyword list is ready, start searching for them on Google to see where you rank against other dentists and also to understand who are you truly competing with in organic results and what other dentists are doing to boost their dental SEO.

Do Your Competition Analysis

Check out the top ranking dentists on Google and see what you have in common with them and what sets you apart from other dentists in your area.

You can check out their websites and see what sort of content they do and how often they update their blog, Also check what keywords they use in their content and leverage this knowledge to boost your dental SEO strategy.

4. Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Everything has gone mobile and so your dental website should be optimized for display on mobile. People use their mobile phones now to look for everything including finding a local dentist.

Ensure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

Having a mobile friendly website is a must to ensure higher conversions but also to rank higher on search engines since Google rewards mobile-friendly sites with higher rankings.

Google also uses mobile-responsive web design as a main factor in how they determine search engine rankings so if your dental website is not mobile-friendly, chances are that you’re losing a big portion of your website traffic to your competitors.

5. Improve Your Dental Website Loading Speed

How fast your website loads is so important to your search engine rankings. In fact your website loading speed ranks high in importance just like your keyword selections.

Improve Your Dental Website Loading Speed

Imagine if a patient landed on your dental website and it took a long time for your page to load, the chances are they would leave your website and try another one.

You can check your page loading speed using the Google Page Speed Insights tool to ensure that your website is fast enough.

6. Create Landing Pages for Specific Keywords

Search engines are all about relevance and they reward websites that have relevant content to certain keywords. The more relevant your dental website content is to a certain topic or keywords, the higher your website will rank for those keywords.

For example, if you’re trying to rank for “cosmetic dentistry,” you should have a page on your website that talks only about cosmetic dentistry, this will not only increase your conversion rate but also get you a higher ranking for this specific keyword. The same goes for other dental areas of practice such as family dentist, emergency dentist etc.

When you create keyword specific pages will provide users with relevant information regarding their search query because it offers more in-depth information.

Similar to your home page, when creating these keyword specific pages, use an SEO-friendly URL and optimize your title tag, meta descriptions, and headlines. An important factor to how Google algorithms rank websites is the quality and quantity of your page content. So always ensure that your content is informative and adds value to your future patients while being populated with the specific keyword(s) that you wish to rank for.

7. Track Your Keyword Rankings

This is one very important factor when evaluating your dental SEO progress since over half of search engine users usually make their choice based on who is on the first page of the search results. If your dental website is buried in page 2 or 3 the chances are that you won’t be getting much traffic to your website. When tracking your keyword rankings, you can get valuable information on how to boost your dental SEO campaign and where to improve.

You can track your keyword rankings manually by doing individual searches for each term and keeping a spreadsheet to track progress over time or simply use a free keyword ranking tool such as SEM rush.

Keep in mind that SEO takes time so if you don’t see quick improvement in keyword rankings, be patient as it takes search engines some time to catch up on your dental SEO efforts.

8. Boost Your Local Footprint with Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business can be a great tool to drive targeted traffic to your website and also boost your local presence. It can provide a great opportunity to improve how your dental office appears on Google Search and Google Maps which can provide your future patients with necessary information that they need in order to find you and call your office to book an appointment. If your profile is optimized, they will be easily able to find important information about your practice such as your office location, phone number, hours of operations, and patient reviews.

Even though all this info can be found on your dental website, your Google My Business profile puts all this information in one place right when your potential patents are searching for a local dentist near them.

After your Google My Business profile is verified, you will need to add the rest of your information using keywords in your description to optimize your profile so it boosts the chances of your profile appearing on Google search results. On top of that, you can add images of your practice, your team, logo, and before and after pictures of previous patients to improve your reputation and inspire more conversions.

Google My Business also allows users to leave reviews so always encourage your patients to leave positive reviews about your dental office. This part alone can play a major role in attracting new patients because reviews provide social proof that you will take care of them when they see you and will make them feel more comfortable booking an appointment after reading your reviews.

Setting up your Google My Business profile for your dental office is easy and simple and if properly optimized it can be a great tool to attract new patients.

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