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5 Big Mistakes Businesses Make When Choosing an SEO Company

5 Big Mistakes Businesses Make When Choosing an SEO Company
5 Big Mistakes Businesses Make When Choosing an SEO Company

It has become more important than ever to have an effective SEO strategy to ensure that your
website appears on the first page of search engine results like Google. Otherwise you risk
losing a ton of traffic and leads to your competitors.

There are many benefits to website SEO such as high rankings on search engines, increasing
traffic, boosting brand awareness, and improving your business credibility online. Many
business owners are very busy running their own businesses and taking care of their
customers. That’s why most of them fail to find time to learn about and implement SEO.

It’s imperative that every business invest in an effective SEO campaign and the first step is
hiring the right SEO company to take over your entire SEO effort and to keep you up to date
with your website’s progress.

Unfortunately, like any other line of business, there are many so-called “SEO Experts” that will
promise great results but fail to deliver. At the same time, there are some reputable SEO
companies agencies in the country that can effectively deliver great SEO results and greatly
increase the number of “Free” leads you get from people finding you online.

There are many mistakes great businesses can make when choosing who to hire for their
search engine optimization. Before you hire your next SEO partner, keep reading to learn about
the top 5 mistakes when choosing an SEO company for your business.

1. Choosing a Cheap Seo Company

SEO can be expensive and we understand that pricing matters to many businesses. That’s why
we recommend that you set a specific budget for your SEO campaign and find a credible SEO
company that can deliver results within your budget.

The most common mistake businesses fall for is choosing a cheap SEO agency that offers SEO
services for extremely low fees. They pay a few hundred bucks a month and expect that this
will get them results.

Unfortunately that’s not the case. When it comes to SEO, you usually get what you pay for and
more often than not those agencies offering SEO for cheap prices don’t deliver.

Choosing a Cheap Seo Company

Most of these so-called “SEO Experts” don’t deliver the tangible results your business needs.
This could be because they are in-experienced, don’t use research-based methodologies, use
cookie-cutter approaches, or use standard copy and paste approaches which don’t deliver any
returns.Another thing these cheap companies often fall short on is communication. After you pay them,

it may be very difficult to schedule meetings with them or get reports on what they are doing for your SEO campaign.

This is why setting a realistic budget is so important when researching an SEO company. For
example, most reputable SEO companies charge anywhere from $1000 to $3000 a month to
deliver effective SEO results. And if you have multiple locations or services, the fee may be
more. This pricing can vary depending on your target audience, man hours, number of target
keywords, and so on.

2. Considering Only Local Seo Companies

Many businesses feel more secure when working with a local SEO company which is not a bad
thing to be honest since it has some benefits to it.

However, when choosing an SEO company, you shouldn’t put a lot of focus on their location
since it’s irrelevant to their value of work and what they can offer you.

If you focus only on local SEO agencies, then you’re actually limiting yourself to a small number
of choices. That’s why it’s important to have better criteria like experience, past results, and
communication since these factors can positively impact your SEO experience and results much
more than if your SEO company is local.

Considering Only Local Seo Companies

If you partner with an inexperienced local SEO agency while your top competitor chooses to work
with an experienced SEO agency several states away, chances are they will end up getting
better results and rank higher than your website on Google.

That means the potential loss of leads, conversions, and overall sales for your business.

In this day and age, distance is no longer an issue since most companies can now work with
their clients through video conferencing. You can actually meet the entire team working on your
SEO through tools like Zoom and Gotomeeting.

3. Expect Quick Results

SEO is a process that requires time, effort, and patience so you likely won’t see improved
rankings and results overnight.

Each SEO campaign requires its own unique approach and customized strategy through SEO
audits, competition analysis, and an overall roadmap to reaching the eventual goal of ranking
higher on Google.

Many businesses make a big mistake by working with an SEO firm that promises fast results or
even guaranteeing that.

You need to avoid working for such firms because of a very simple fact. No SEO firm can control
Google. There isn’t a single reputable SEO company out there that can guarantee a certain time
of frame when it comes to improved rankings.

Expect Quick Results

There are many factors that can affect how quickly your SEO efforts can start paying off like the
level of competition in your market, how established your website is, and the quality and
quantity of work required to reach top rankings.

Usually when an SEO company can guarantee fast results, it means they’re using black hat
optimization techniques and trying to use shortcuts to boost your website’s rankings. Beware of
these techniques as they are forbidden by Google and can hurt your website rankings deeply to
the point that Google might ban your website from ranking AT ALL on the search engine.

When you work with a reputable SEO company that doesn’t offer sketchy guarantees and does
quality work, you will end up ranking high on Google and keeping these rankings for a long time.
In the long run, Google approved techniques (white hat) will be better in the long term. After all,
you can’t cheat Google and expect to win.

4. Not Checking Their References

Every SEO company out there regardless of its size will claim that they’re the “best in the
business” or “the fastest growing” which is great if it’s true.

You shouldn’t take their word for it. Instead, It’s important to check all the possible references
and reviews that you can find about the SEO company you’re looking to hire.

You also need to check up on the company’s background and how long they’ve been in
business for. Also, how many clients do they have and how many employees do they have?

Not Checking Their References

Another important step is to ask to speak with any of their current clients to find out for yourself
what their experience is and whether or not they recommend this company.

You need to ask questions like: Are you satisfied with them? Do they communicate well with
you? Are seeing an increase in rankings and leads?

All these questions can give you important indications as to how effective their SEO service is.
Ask for a list of references from the SEO agency you’re thinking of hiring. Once you get the list,
make sure that these companies exist by checking them on Google search. Also, when
speaking with references, you can verify the SEO company’s claims. If they make you any
promises, find out if they did the same for other companies and how it turned out.

5. Choosing a Standard Deal

No two businesses are the same–every business has its own unique needs and requirements.
This is why the one size fits all approach doesn’t work when it comes to SEO services for your

A good SEO company will always do it’s research and provide you with a tailored approach that
fits your marketing goals.

If you run into a company that offers standard “deals” run the other way.

Choosing a Standard Deal
A reputable SEO company will do their own analysis and understand what your direct
competitors are doing and reverse engineer that to your favor. They will also conduct proper
keyword research so your website can rank for keywords that actually drive traffic.

Ten years ago, offering standard SEO strategies worked. However, over time Google has
evolved and it has been increasingly difficult for businesses to rank on top of the search engines
since they constantly change their algorithms. The good news is that good SEO companies like
Zivvy do intensive research and always update their methodologies to ensure the best SEO

Find a Trustworthy SEO Company

Finding the right SEO agency is not an easy task but there are many reputable SEO companies
out there that can offer you a customised white hat approach to improve your search engine

A good SEO company should focus on ROI more than just rankings since the one reason why
you are doing SEO is to increase your incoming leads and optimize conversions and that starts
with a proper keyword research.

At Zivvy, we don’t claim that we’re the best. But we simply deliver results with realistic
expectations and proper timelines.

You don’t have to take our word for it, just check out the raving reviews about our services on
Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot, not to mention the case studies and video testimonials
available on our website.

We have a qualified SEO team of experts from content writers to link-building teams and we
specialize in SEO for certain industries so we don’t spread ourselves too thin.

We’re also a full suite digital marketing agency and SEO is one of many services that we offer.

If you want to work with a reputable “No B.S.” digital marketing agency for your next SEO
campaign, please go ahead and give Zivvy a call and one of our SEO experts will happily offeryou a free no obligation consultation that outlines exactly what Zivvy can do for you with realistic
targets and within your budget.

Walid Nofal
Walid is the head of acquisition and client success at Zivvy, he has over 12 years of experience in helping businesses expand and grow. He’s also the author of multiple digital marketing articles which can be found on this blog and also LinkedIn.

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