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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Dental Website

Denta Marketing Strategy
Denta Marketing Strategy

As a busy dentist, it can be hard to find the time to review your marketing strategy. You don’t normally have the time to deep dive into marketing ideas and understand what works and what doesn’t and more often than not it’s overwhelming. But you don’t have to worry because we’ve got your back. Using this simple guide will help you update your dental website and ensure that your practice is positioned for success in dental marketing.

Your website is the heart of your dental marketing strategy. It’s important that it represents your practice’s image in a way you can be proud of.  Most importantly your dental website should turn visitors into new patients.

In this article, we’ll help you make sure that your website is on-brand, up-to-date, easy to find, and ready to convert more new patients.  Here are all the dental marketing activities needed to make your website findable.

Let’s get started.

Organize Your Practice Website

Has your staff changed since your last website update? Start by reviewing your team page and remove staff members who are no longer with your practice,

Also, remove old and outdated content if it’s no longer relevant to new or prospective patients and not necessary to have it on your website.

Take a look at your navigation menu and organize it. Make sure the most important pages on your dental website are prominent on your menu. Meet the Dentists, About Us, New Patients, Services, and Contact Us should all be easy to find.

Is Your Content Engaging?

Review your homepage from a new patient’s perspective. Try to ensure that your mission statement and care philosophy are clearly expressed. Next, visit your “Meet the Dentist” page and make sure that it really reflects your skills and shows you as the right dentist for your new patients.

New Patients: Is there anything your new patients need to expect at their visit? Are all your frequently asked questions answered?

Needless to say, update your testimonials, and make sure to highlight every new testimonial that your practice gets from a patient. This is crucial in helping new patients make a decision about whether or not to choose your practice.

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Are You Targeting the Right Keywords?

First, you need to target the right keywords that best describe your practice. For example, if you’re located in Spokane, WA then “dentist Spokane” or “emergency dentist Spokane” are some of the main keywords that you need to target for your dental website.

Check your title tag. This is your website title.  You can see this by hovering your mouse over your browser tab). It tells users and search engines what your website is all about. You’ll have a 55-character limit here, so it should be short and include your target keywords.

Is the location in your title tag the most likely location a visitor looking for a dentist in your area would search for?

Your prospective patients are most likely looking for your practice in your city so make sure to include your location in your title tag. If your practice is located in a large city, then it’s best to use the neighborhood’s name. It all depends on what your patients in your local area are looking for online. Ask yourself what you would search for if you were looking for a dentist in your town.

Is your homepage content SEO friendly? We recommend at least 400 words of unique content that includes all your target keywords.

Take Advantage of Email Marketing

Have you started an email marketing campaign to collect subscribers yet? If not, you need to start growing your list by communicating with your patients and sending reactivation emails out to get inactive patients to reengage with your practice.

Some of the good ideas that can get you started is creating a Facebook competition and emailing your list about it. This will help to reengage your patients and encourage both new and previous visitors to browse your dental website.

If you’re a Zivvy Marketing client, talk to your Dental Marketing Specialist about crafting an email marketing strategy for your practice. A customized email marketing strategy will improve retention, reactivations, and referrals.

Ready to Improve Your Dental Website?

As a dentist, you need a website that helps you turn visitors into new patients.  So If you’re interested in learning more, go ahead and schedule a free assessment with our dental marketing experts and we’d be happy to help!

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