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3 Steps To Building a Successful Dental Website

Dental Website

Out of all the assets of your dental practice, your website might be the most underrated. The effectiveness of your dental website design can be determined by how well it turns visitors into potential patients. A weak website can drive them away.

A successful website should be clean and organized. It gives potential patients more information about your practice, builds trust with them, and helps them make a decision about booking an appointment with your practice.

It’s important to understand how to build a successful dental website even if you handle your web development in-house like most practices. That information will help you find the right dental web design partner that can build you a great dental website and hold them accountable for delivering the best website possible.

Let’s break down some of the key ways to build a winning dental website.

1- Give Purpose to Every Page On Your Website

Every page on your website should exist for a reason. That reason should be providing users with the information they need and answers to their questions in a simple approach. Each page should lead the user to the next step.

Dental Website Design

When working with a dental web designer, make sure every page has a unique objective. We recommend the following pages:

  • Dental Landing Page: This is your homepage and it should be designed in a simple format that shows readers exactly where to find the information they’re looking for.
  • About Us Page: This page tells the story of your practice and your staff members who work in the practice.
  • Services Page: This page introduces your offers and treatments.
  • Resources Page: This page can host videos or blog posts to attract more web traffic to your website.
  • Contact Us Page: Make it easy for people to contact you, right through your website.

Some practices put all their content on one long page called a bootstrap, so when clicking on different heads at the navigation menu it directs the user further down the page to different sections. Other websites put their content on different pages.

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Easy to Use Across Devices
On your treatment landing page, put information about procedures and also include patient testimonials in photo or video form. Also include frequently asked questions about procedures to avoid any concerns.

2- Your Website Should Reflect Your Brand Identity

Your website should represent the brand identity of your practice, starting with your logo and including colors and fonts on every area of the website. It’s important to keep the same colors and fonts on pictures and different backgrounds.

Include pictures and even videos of your team and practice to create relatability for readers the visitors and help them become get familiar with your practice. They will feel more comfortable before even coming in for an appointment if they get to meet your team members virtually.

Make sure that the language, tone, photos, and video content all cater to your ideal potential patient.

3- Keep User Experience and Search Engine Optimization in Mind

Make sure your website takes both user experience and search engine optimization in mind when building your new dental website. Here’s why each is important.

User Experience: Your website should work fine on all devices making it simple for users to navigate your website. Make sure your photo and video content are compressed so that you can boost your website loading speed preferably within 3 seconds.

Search Engine Optimization: Your website content needs to target the keywords that potential patients are using to search online. SEO makes it for potential patients to find your website when searching for a local dentist. The keywords you choose depend on the sort of patient you want to attract. They might include words like, “Affordable,” “Implant,” “Dental,” “Emergency,” etc.

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