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3 Important On-Site Optimization Techniques Every Law Firm’s Website Needs

3 Important On-Site Optimization Techniques Every Law Firm’s Website Needs

To ensure that your website’s on-site optimization is on point, you need to understand how Google algorithms work, and the fact that Google keeps changing their technical requirements in the form of new algorithms makes it a tough job to keep up.

Due to ongoing changes to these algorithms, it has become almost impossible to predict exactly what Google wants to see in a webpage and what determines the ranking of that page. But we do know many factors that help and other factors that can hurt rankings.

Even though it’s extremely competitive, SEO for lawyers is now more important than ever to get the visibility and the attention that your firm needs to start generating leads. If your law firm’s website is not getting the traffic it needs, doing SEO for your law office may be the right strategy to optimize your website for first-page rankings.

One of the main components of any SEO campaign is on-site optimization which is optimizing your Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Headers, and Taglines.

Title Tag

Title tags are like the title of your webpage. Title tags are shown on the search engine page results as a clickable headline link for each search query. They’re also very important when it comes to your SEO efforts.

Title Tag

Each title tag has to be unique for each page on your website. Make sure you use some keywords in your title tag but don’t overdo it.


Meta descriptions are a part of your on-page lawyer SEO campaign and consist of brief attention-grabbing blurbs about your law office and can end with a call to action.

If you haven’t paid attention to it before, Meta descriptions are actually the few lines that appear right below your website link in the search engine results. It tells the users in a few brief sentences what your web[page is talking about and why your practice stands out.


Meta descriptions should be anywhere between 120 to 160 characters so you need to be creative about how to use your keywords within these brief descriptions.

If you’re a divorce lawyer in Chicago, IL, an example of a meta description for your law firm’s website could be something like this: “Our Chicago divorce lawyers are experienced in family law and Illinois divorce cases. If you are looking for divorce legal services, contact our family law firm today for a free consultation.”


A website’s header is the title of your webpage. This is different from the Title Tag which is text that the reader can not see on the page. Think of it as a book title or a title of a chapter. It allows Google to understand the topic of your page and what it talks about.

Once Google understands the topic of your page, it can then determine the appropriate ranking for the relevant search keywords.

Choosing the right keywords is the main challenge when writing any webpage’s header. You need to choose relevant keywords to the content of your page. They also must be the keywords that you wish to rank for on the search engine results pages.

The headers are not just for search engines, they’re also for your audience. They need to be attractive and tell the user exactly what to expect from your page.

Your headers should be short and descriptive and most importantly they should answer certain questions. A proper example would be something like “Personal Injury Lawyer.”


Taglines are another important component for your on-page SEO efforts for your law office.

Once you have the headline of your webpage, the next step is to have your tagline in place. A tagline is a short and brief description which is aimed at narrowing down the broader header.

Your tagline should grab attention about your webpage to narrow it down to a specific topic. It’s also an opportunity to use target words that are not in your header title.

You can get the attention of your potential clients by writing a creative tagline that is designed mainly for your target audience needs. You can brainstorm what keywords your potential clients might type in Google to look for a law office in your area and write your tagline based on that.

Anticipating what your potential clients want will give you the chance to attract more of them to read your page and eventually be encouraged to contact you.

For example, a tagline for a law firm’s website could be something like “helping with assault injury claims in Atlanta, Georgia since 1982.”

Why Is SEO Important for Lawyers’ Websites

Search engine optimization is one of the most important investments for lawyers marketing campaigns. If your practice is not ranked on the first page of search engine results pages, you’re risking to miss out on a huge chunk of potential traffic that can eventually lead to increased business for your firm.

SEO for attorneys can dramatically change the way your marketing works. Improving search engine rankings on Google can build up the credibility of your practice.

Why Is SEO Important for Lawyers’ Websites

When your potential clients type in search terms on Google and find your practice at the top, it gives them confidence that Google finds your content the most relevant to their search.

A proper SEO campaign for your law office can also help build links back to your website which increases the authority of your domain.

Also, if your website content is optimized, informative and useful to the readers, your website will rank higher since Google rewards high quality content. This also gives potential clients the ability to trust your practice since your content answers their common questions.

Need Help With Your SEO ?

You’re a successful attorney and your hours are precious so we encourage you to enlist the help of an SEO company that specializes in SEO for law firms to take over this load off your shoulders.

Zivvy is one of the best SEO companies in California with raving reviews on Google, Facebook and Trustpilot. We specialize in SEO services for attorneys and have helped many law firms rank at the top of Google for their target keywords in their local areas.

Need Help With Your SEO ?

We have helped attorneys with new websites starting out from scratch as well as established websites that needed a boost in their rankings and our experience in this field is unmatched.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably already thinking of doing SEO for your law firm so go ahead and give us a call and one of our SEO experts who specialize in SEO for law firms would be happy to draft a strategy that would put your website ahead of the pack.

You can also take advantage of our complementary SEO audit for your website by clicking the link to learn more about your current website’s performance and where it needs improvement.

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