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3 Extremely Effective Tips to Boost Your Dental SEO

3 Extremely Effective Tips to Boost Your Dental SEO

Since Google has become the phone book of the modern day, it’s extremely important that your dental practice invests in an effective dental SEO strategy. Dental SEO can ensure that your practice’s name is visible at the top of the search results when potential patients search for a local dentist using related keywords. In this quick read, we’re going to give you 3 very effective ways to make sure that your dental SEO is successful and how to track your progress as you go.

Improve Your Dental SEO by Creating a Blog

Improve Your Dental SEO by Creating a Blog

One of the most successful methods to boost your dental SEO is to create a blog that focuses on providing useful and educational content. Blogging can be a powerful tool to attract new audiences to your website organically. Blog posts improve your website’s visibility by showing up on Google for certain topic keywords. Your blog content should answer patients’ questions and educate them about your services in order to establish credibility.

You can start by identifying a list of potential questions/ keywords that your patients ask regularly and craft your content around answering these questions in full detail. To generate traffic from your blog, make sure to write about popular topics such as insurance, FAQs about common procedures, and benefits of your services. These topics are very common on Google search and will help boost your blog results.

Here are a few quick tips for writing a killer dental blog post:

• Break your content into smaller sections by using subheadings. Readers (and Google) use subheadings to skim the blog for relevant keywords and information.

• Make your blog more dynamic by adding images and internal and external links. This will improve your SEO score.

• Use your target keyword or phrase in the first paragraph, subheadings, and scattered across the blog. This will help Google identify which search results your blog will be relevant to.

• Make sure your blog is readable. Yoast SEO recommends using techniques like active voice, transition words, and short sentences to improve readability. Google reads like a human–and continues to become more capable of understanding text in the same way we do.

Improving your local SEO is also an important step to organically boost your ranking in Google search results by localizing your website content and the name of your city. Make sure that your NAP (practice’s name, address, and phone number) are correct and consistent across all online directories. Collect positive reviews and ratings. And watch your local SEO soar!

If you want to see your practice rank 1st on the first page of Google and drive new patients everyday, book your marketing assessment call today and our dental SEO team will create an effective dental SEO plan that will convert visitors to patients.

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Setup Google Analytics to Track Results

Setup Google Analytics to Track Results

Google Analytics is your new best friend when you decide to maximize your dental SEO. You can use it to understand your patients’ online behavior on your website and identify areas of improvement. The tool also evaluates your overall dental marketing performance. In essence, it provides you with valuable information about how people are interacting with your website and what’s needed to make strategic marketing decisions.

Setting up your Google Analytics account is simple. First, you need to log in to Google with your email address. Go to analytics.google.com and click “Set up for Free.” On the first page, enter your dental practice name and check all of the data sharing options. Moving on to the next page and select “Web” as what you want to measure. Enter your website and domain name. Once you click “Create” and agree to the terms, your account will be created and ready.

Your next step is to install Google Tag Manager on your website. Once you’ve finished both steps, Google Analytics will begin tracking your website traffic within 24 hours. You will then be able to dive into data like the number of visitors to your website, the amount of time they are spending on your website, and what users do when they arrive.

Run Google Ads for Your Dental SEO

Run Google Ads for Your Dental SEO

On top of improving your dental SEO organically, you can also invest in paid advertising. We help clients advertise with Google Ads . The Google pay-per-click advertising allows you to access the Google Search Network and Google Display Network.

The Google Search Network shows your ads to potential patients who are searching for keywords. When you create a Google Ad campaign, you can choose keywords that trigger your ad to appear when those keywords are searched. This method works for attracting Google users who are already seeking dental services in their local area.

The Google Display Network however is like a billboard. Instead of advertising to patients who are actively looking for dental services, the ads are placed on various websites that might have users who are interested in your dental services. Potential patients don’t always think about dental services until they are reminded and that’s when the Google display ads come in.

The benefits of Google Ads include:

• Beat your competitors’ ads. Google Ads allow you to rank higher than those who are not running ads on the platform or bidding lower than your bid.

• Google Ads have faster results than SEO. Google Ads are an easy way to jump higher on Google search results!

• Target your ads. One of the best features of Google Ads is the ability to show ads to users who are searching for specific keywords in specific locations. You can also schedule your ads to show up in certain times during the day..

• Track your success. Google provides a detailed analytical report of every ad you run and overall campaign performance.

• Scale your campaign faster. if you simply increase the pay-per-click budget of a successful campaign, your click-through-rate will increase accordingly.

Boost Your Dental SEO with Pain Free Dental Marketing

By starting with these tips, your dental practice website will find its way to the top of Google search results! If you want to see your practice rank #1 on the first page of Google and drive new patients everyday, book your free marketing assessment call today and our dental SEO team will create an effective dental SEO plan that will convert visitors to patients.

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