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“I’m Dr. Steve Yang and I’m an orthodontist and Co-Founder of Zivvy. Since my practice lows, I’ve seen a 1200% increase in Online New Patients and a 3x increase in revenue. Follow what I’ve done and go from slaving away at your struggling dental office to actually enjoying your wildly successful practice!

Our doctors see a tremendous boost in New Patients after 6 months with our New Patient Booster Plan

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More New Patients After 6 Months
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Increase In Online New Patients

What Type of Practice Do You Have?

and work best for these types of practices:

Starter Practice

You’re struggling to get new patients and fill chairs


You have a decent patient base but your revenue doesn’t increase no matter what you try

Multiple practices

You want to dominate your local market

Our New Patient Booster Plan will drive 3x more new patients to your practice using our unique take of the following strategies

Attractive Website Design

We create beautiful dental websites that not only look stunning but convert more visitors into booked appointments.


Search Engine Optimization

Take your dental practice to the top of search engines when engaging our tried and tested Dental SEO strategies.


Paid Ads

Our paid ads strategies have greatly increased our clients' new patients while optimizing their budgets.


Social Media

Generate more new patients by letting our experts create and implement a winning social media strategy to expand your practice's reach.


Content Marketing

Take your brand to the next level by having our professional dental content writers craft unique content that showcase you as the expert.


Review Management

Our dental marketing experts have helped our dentists generate 5x more positive reviews online as part of our overall marketing strategy.


The Results Speak For Themselves:

Dr. Andrew Michael

“Prior to utilizing Zivvy’s New Patient Booster Plan, we were relying on word-of-mouth and referrals but could not see steady growth in the number of new patients. Since starting with Zivvy almost 6 months ago, we have seen over a 220% increase in online new patients.

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Increase in New Patients


Dr. Thomas Hoffman

“Before Zivvy I was seeing 36 new patients per month. Now I’m seeing an average of over 60 new patients per month and my revenue has increased by 47%.”

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Increase in Revenue


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Frequently Asked Questions

Make your dental practice become the first thing patients see when they (and you can be sure that they will) search for dental services and dentists online.

There’s no question that online marketing for dentists is now the way to go.  You only have to look around you as you ride on a bus, walk around the mall, or hang out in a coffee shop to confirm that the majority of today’s consumers are constantly online.

Imagine if you could somehow reach these individuals and make them aware of the dental services you provide. Even if they don’t need to visit the dentist today, they and other people they know might have to in the future. If you make a memorable impression, your practice will be the first thing they think of the next time they need a filling, dental implant, or extraction done.

As a full-service dental marketing agency, we use a variety of online marketing strategies that will establish your dental practice’s online presence, make you more accessible to your patients, and promote your services to your target audiences:

  1. Link-building
  2. Backlink cleanup
  3. Content marketing
  4. On-page and off-page optimization
  5. Local SEO
  6. Online reputation management

Through these methodologies, our dental marketing agency experts can help your website rank higher, increase leads, and improve your bottom line. Whether you choose one or all of these dental marketing services, Zivvy will maximize your resources and aim for maximum returns for your dental practice.

Digital marketing for dentists is the practice of promoting your dental practice through multiple digital channels such as search engine optimization, paid ads, social media, and content marketing. Online marketing for dentists can have a great positive impact on your dental practice’s reputation and revenues.

A well-managed digital marketing campaign can improve your online authority as a dental practice through well-crafted and targeted content that answers common questions of your future patients. At the same time, if your business is visible on multiple platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagra,m it can build your credibility and increase your website traffic which results in more patients.

There are multiple benefits of online marketing for dentists such as:

  • Increase your online exposure
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Higher rankings on Google
  • Generate more New Patients 

Choose a digital marketing service provider that will lay the foundation for the success and growth of your dental practice. Zivvy is one of the best dental marketing companies in the country that has gathered some of the most skillful and talented digital marketers today.

Our dental marketing company is enthusiastic about constant learning, developing new skills, and becoming the undisputed experts in our field.

The sooner digital marketing for your dental practice begins, the sooner you’ll enjoy its benefits. Request a quote or contact us to learn more about our dental marketing services. Call or email us — the initial consultation is free.

Your dental marketing budget is the cornerstone of your digital marketing plan and how effective it can be.  To ensure that you get the maximum ROI on your dental marketing campaign, you need to set a budget that can serve each digital marketing process to be successful.

As one of the best dental marketing companies out there, we have run hundreds of successful campaigns and we can know that there are multiple factors to consider when creating your digital marketing budget such as local competition, the number of offices, and how many local areas you’re targeting. Therefore, dentists with a single office serving a small local area can expect to spend anywhere from $2000 to $3000 a month, while dentists with multiple offices and services in more than one local area can expect to spend somewhere upwards of $5000 a month depending on: 1) how many offices 2) how many local areas to target  3) how competitive those local areas are.  An experienced dental marketing agency can help you decide the most effective budget and make sure that you maximize your return for every dollar you spend.

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